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Lewis Castillo keeps his sights on the Major Leagues

The Venezuelan highlighted the work he did in the LMBP to be able to shine with Delfines

The Venezuelan baseball player and Delfines de La Guaira figure, Lewis Castillo, was grateful for the opportunity he had this season to defend the Littoralenses in the LMBP.

In exclusive interview for Líder In Sports, the player highlighted that he worked hard to be able to have a great offensive performance and thus be able to demonstrate what he is made of throughout his career. 

“First, thank God and Delfines for the opportunity, this was a season of work in which the routine was done day by day to be able to give positive results. “I am very happy with the season,” he expressed. 

“The mental part has helped me a lot, being with my family, my gym, always working on the bat to be able to improve the smallest thing that always makes a difference. Since I was 16 years old I have started working like this and positive results are being seen,” he added.. 

Lewis Castillo stressed that his goal is to be able to get a place in the Major Leagues in the coming years and for the moment he is willing to defend Bravos de Margarita in the LVBP.

“We will continue working in the same way, the Major Leagues are the goal of the players and that is the objective we have always had. I am with the Braves and I am 100% at their disposal and if the opportunity arises I will be able to support them this season,” he concluded. 

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