Latin American boxing shines thanks to its champions in 2021

The first half of 2021 is now gone and it allows us to make a count of the countries with the most world champions. Latin American boxing is present, with titles that bring joy to the entire continent.

Mexico: second place in world boxing champions

Throughout history, Mexican boxing has earned the respect of the whole world due to the large number of champions it generates year after year. At the end of the first half of 2021, Mexico scored the mark of the second country with the most boxing champions around the world, having 12 titles distributed among nine champions.

One interesting fact is that the top five is made up of the United States in first place, with England, Japan and the Philippines completing the count. Despite the fact that the Aztec nation has not achieved the first place in this ranking due to the dominance of American boxers and the large number of athletes that are generated in that country, Mexico stands up for Latin America by having the one that for many Experts Is Today's Best Pound-for-Pound: Saul Canelo Álvarez

Mexican and Latin American pride

Throughout his career, Canelo He has faced boxers from around the world, proudly representing all Latin American athletes. His next fight has already become one of the most sought after within the sports betting in William Hill, as he faces the American Caleb Plant in the quest to take a new world title from the United States to Mexico.

Beyond what you have achieved Canelo Álvarez so far, it is important to note that multiple Latin American boxers have already made it into the history books through the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Among them are the Argentine Carlos Monzón, the Panamanian Roberto Stone hands Durán, the Cuban Eligio Sardiñas Kid Chocolate and the Nicaraguan Alexis Argüello.

Venezuela is also a cradle of champions

For their part, the Venezuelan boxers have also managed to be crowned at the top of professional boxing, and a sample of this was the first Venezuelan world champion: Carlos the Morocho Hernandez. In 1955, the Morocho He beat American Eddie Perkins in the Nuevo Circo de Caracas, thus awakening the jubilation of Venezuelan athletes for continuing to win titles in this sport.

Over time, names such as Betulio González, Jesús Rafael Oronó and born knocker Edwin Valero have emerged, who are just some of the best Venezuelan boxers in history. In recent years, Venezuelan boxing has also enjoyed various world championships, such as those obtained by Jorge Linares in the featherweight, super featherweight and lightweight divisions, which put on a good show for the fans.

Historically, Latin America has become a source of boxing champions capable of achieving triumphs around the world. This 2021 has not been the exception, since boxers like Canelo Álvarez have raised their fists to fill the entire continent with pride.



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