On the ball | They earned more than 326 million and ended up broke and imprisoned

Barry Bonds earned during his years in the Major Leagues, 188 million, 245 thousand 322 dollars… Cecil Fielder, 46 million, 886 thousand… Lenny Dykstra, 36 million, 525 thousand… Scott Eyre, 17 million, 36 thousand 666… Jack Clark, 15 million, 772 thousand.

Steve Howe, eight million, 525 thousand… Pete Rose, seven million, 268 thousand 858… Rollie Fingers, two million, 950 thousand 502… Bill Buckner, two million 861 thousand 667… Denny McLain, 356 thousand.

Total, 326 million, 427 thousand 15 dollars.

All of them ended in ruin, some prisoners and others tragically died. Only one made the Hall of Fame, Rollie Fingers in 1992. Not all were criminals, most were.

Bonds lied to Congress and tried to sabotage the investigations that followed. He squandered millions on things he didn't need and got entangled in million-dollar debts that he couldn't pay.

Fielder was sued and arrested by the Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City in 1999, shortly after his retirement, because he did not pay $ 563 that he had lost there in gambling.

Dykstra descended from being spoiled by Mets and Phillies fans to filing fraudulent bankruptcy in 2012 after acquiring 12 luxury cars and a mansion that cost him $ 18 million.

Eyre, a star of the Phillies in the 2008 World Series, invested his fortune in supposed businesses, deceived by the con man, Bernie Madoff, and in 2009 he was arrested.

Clark bought 18 vehicles that cost him from some 26 dollars to 717 others, and a mansion for which he paid 21 million. He declared bankruptcy.

Howe had a career full of suspensions for cocaine use. He died of methamphetamine poisoning in a car accident.

Rose, was expelled from baseball as a gambler, which consumed his fortune, and was imprisoned for tax evasion.
Fingers, great closer, but very bad manager. He ended up being seized for a debt of five million.

Buckner failed at a car sale and in 2019, he died broke, abandoned and insane.

McLain won 31 games in 1968, but fell into organized crime, drug dealing, extortion. He was first sentenced to 23 years in prison and then to eight more years. At 77 years of age, he is still in prison.

The best OF in the minors is a native of Puerto Ordaz

Arizona has eight youngsters among the top 2021 prospects, according to "Baseball America." The only one of those who is an outfielder is the Venezuelan from Puerto Ordaz, Wildred Patiño.

A scout from another organization said to “Leader”…: “I was entrusted to observe Patiño, in case any change can be made with Arizona. The boy is the best I've seen in the minors on defense. In addition, he has good contact, runs the bases like a jet and has barely turned 20 years old ”.

He hit .319 in 2019, has stolen 23 bases in 34 attempts and has only one mistake made.

The other seven of that group are, the Venezuelan, José Fernández, SS; the Dominicans, Gerardo Perdomo, SS, Manuel Peña, SS, Juan Corniel, SS, and the Americans, Drew Ellis, 3B; Ryan Bliss, 2B; and Al Vucovich, 3B.

The baseball dwarf was punched to death

Four days ago, on the 19th of this month, it was 80 years since the appearance of the only midget in the major leagues, Eddie Gaedel.

And June 18 marked the 60th anniversary of the murder of Gaedel, with blows, apparently to rob him, he had turned 36 years old.
Only one person from baseball attended the burial of his remains, the pitcher who could not throw a strike at him, Bob Cain. He was buried in St. Mary Catholic Cemetery, Cook County, Illinois.

Gaedel was one meter nine centimeters tall and weighed 29 kilos and played with Carmelita de San Luis


Signed twice. Patiño was signed twice. The Rangers in 2017 for $ 1.3 million, which he returned after elbow surgery. Arizona gave 985 thousand in 2018

Good preparation. Eddie Gaedel was born in 1925, in Chicago. Worked in a rivet factory and head of public relations



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