On the ball | The woman who struck out Ruth and Gehrig

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Question of the Week…: The Yankees just signed gorgeous Rachel Balkovec, 34, to manage the Class A Tampa Tarpons. First lady manager in the minors. Who was the first player hired in Organized Baseball?

The Answer…: Before the 1931 season, 17-year-old Jackie Mitchell signed with the Yankees to play for the Double-A team.

Shortly after, on April 4 of that year, the big team visited that club to play an exhibition. Leading off the ninth inning, the Yankees were down 2-1 with Babe Ruth at bat, so Jackie was called in to relieve. On a 2-XNUMX count, the slugger didn't find the girl's curve, and was struckout with a horrible swing. Next was Lou Gehrig, also a strikeout, but on three pitches.

Immediately, Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis voided Jackie's contract and prohibited hiring Damas.

Nonetheless, Jackie pitched exhibition until she married at age 23, promoted as "the woman who struck out Ruth and Gehrig."

— Mom, why don't I have a little brother?
-Oh, Jaimito!, because after you were born the stork has not returned.
— And then, why don't you change your bird?

Against David Ortiz.– Not even in “The Boston Globe” did David Ortiz receive unanimity. Of seven fellow journalists who vote in that newspaper, only six believe that it should be elevated to the Hall of Fame...

Disaster of eight to 10 votes.– Until the last time I checked the voting for the Hall of Fame 2022, four companions appeared in zero. That is, for them nobody deserves to be elevated this time. Very well. They are Nick Canepa, of the “San Diego Union-Tribune”; Ron Cook of the "Pittsburgh Post Gazette"; Michael Hunt, from the "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" and Steven Marcus, from "Newsday", from Long Island, New York... Good lesson for the clueless who gave eight, nine and even 10 votes...

In danger MLB.– Since December XNUMX, MLB and the players have not met. But they wake up today Thursday with an appointment, during which the owners will make an economic proposal.

That's the good news. The bad news is that if they don't accept, there will be no training sessions or opening of the season on time.

“Children have the right to play, and adults are prohibited from forcing them to compete”… JV

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