On the ball | Sentenced and they played ball

"The love that animals give us is unconditional" ... Pedro Sevcec.

Today is Mail Day and tomorrow is Wednesday as well.

Martiniano Zazueta, from Mazatlán, asks…: “Is Sergio Romo Mexican, as they say, even journalists, storytellers and commentators?

Friend Ñaño…: Romo (Atléticos) is not a native of Mexico. It's been 38 years since he was born, he's from Brawley, California. He only speaks English and his passport is not Mexican but American.

Ronald Esis and his brother Renild, maracaiberos, write from Chia, Cundinamarca, Colombia, they say: “We remember with great honor, the time we had the privilege of having breakfast with you in the newspaper“ La Verdad ”. I treasure our conversation about different baseball topics, which we like so much. We admire you, we have followed your television programs, the daily columns and your fine books ”.

Friends Nald and Chi…: Thank you very much. Greetings.

Óscar A. Sanabria, from Yaritagua, asks ...: "Was it true that in the United States there was a team made up of prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment and death?"

Amigo Caro…: Not to life imprisonment. They were pure condemned to death, but as long as they remained on the roster, they postponed executions. It happened at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, and they called them, "The Death Row All Stars" (The All Stars of the Row of Death). They were in the Wyoming State Penitentiary, in the small town of Rawlins, and called "The Crossbar Hotel" (The Hotel of the Crossed Bars). It is now a museum, visited by thousands of tourists.

Among those baseball prisoners there was a 28-year-old Mexican from Zacatecas, Roberto (Bobby) Guzmán, sentenced for assault, robbery and murder. One afternoon, the prison director, Felix Alston, informed him that due to his failures in the last two games, he was out of the list, and that he would be executed the following week. Roberto couldn't wait for that day. He committed suicide by hanging himself by hanging himself in his cell with strips that he made from the prison uniform.

The idea for the team was Alston's, because he was a baseball fan and a Ty Cobb admirer.

Freddy R. Castillo V. from Trujillo, Peru, gives his opinion and asks…: “I agree, if in my country, Venezuela, they did not appreciate your library, well that you donated it to Mexicans. And surely you love both Venezuela and Mexico. I wish there were more Venezuelans like you. And one question, if José Altuve retired this year, in five more years would he be elevated to the Hall of Fame? "

Friend EfeErre: Altuve has only turned 30 years old and has played 10 seasons. Patience. Time to time.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.



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