On the ball | Commissioners history


During his childhood and adolescence, George Washington did not behave like young people. He didn't even tell lies ”… Mark Twain.

Today and tomorrow are Post Office Days. But, if you did not inform me where you are writing from, I cannot answer you.

Richard Araujo P. dear fellow journalist from Naranjito, Puerto Rico, thinks…: “The day to stop loving baseball is approaching, thanks to the stupidities of Rob Manfred and henchmen, who work hard, to end the national sport / show from the United States. It will no longer be the baseball of Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Roberto Clemente, Luis Aparicio, Vini Castilla, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Juan Vené in La Pelota… It will be something else. But not baseball, because no sport has been done so much damage to please TV. And even the name must be changed! Maybe they can call it: Manfredian Aberration. "

Francisco Staggioni, from Valencia, asks…: “What should they judge if a spectator from the bleachers stretches a net towards the field of play and catches a batted ball?”.
Friend Pancho…. If the ball was over the fence and unreachable by the outfielder (s), it is a home run. If it was going to descend into the field and they could capture it, it is out. If he was to land on the ground, uncoggable, the batter will be credited with the bases that the umpires consider would have reached without the interruption.

Francisco Ramos, from Hermosilo, asks…: “If the owners appoint the commissioner and they can also remove him, why haven't they done so? How much influence do their rule changes have on the world leagues, Japanese, Korean, Latin American? , The commissioner only leaves due to resignation, death or age, how many commissioners has MLB had? And in your opinion, which has been the best and which has been the longest and the least in office? " .

Amigo Pancho II ...: They do not remove him because, pleasing the television networks, he defends the money from the business, since the highest income in Major League Baseball today is through the sale of television rights. Leagues everywhere tend to imitate the majors, ie the designated one.

The commissioner leaves due to death, resignation or because he is fired by team owners. Manfred is the 1920th commissioner. There have been two great commissioners, Kenesaw Mountain Landis, also the senior, 1944-1969, and Bowie Kühn, 1984-1988. The least time in office, Bart Giamatti, 1989-XNUMX, one year.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.



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