On the ball | Black-white racial crisis in Major League Baseball

It will be 74 years from the arrival of the first black in the 15th century, Jackie Robinson, with the Dodgers, on April 1947, XNUMX, in a few weeks.

And Martin Luther King, born on January 15, 1929, was assassinated on April 1968, 18, but today, Monday, the XNUMXth, his day is commemorated in the United States, with all educational institutes and government offices inactive. Every third Monday in January is Martin Luther King Day.

And the 1947st Century Dodgers are different from 2020 because they don't want blacks anymore. In the 40 World Series they presented the lineup several times without any black. The closest thing was Mookie Betts, but he is not black but mulatto. And the roster of the 2021 of them for XNUMX only has one black, David Price.

Also, the Dodgers refused years ago to cooperate for a statue to Jakie Robinson.

The Red Sox have three American blacks. And the Yankees one, Aaron Hicks, even though they do have several native blacks from Latin America.

Of 200 players in the 30 rosters, 71 are black, just over 5%. There is a racial crisis, because the native blacks of the United States are 13%.

A spokesperson for the commissioner responded to “Leader's” question like this…: “Many blacks prefer basketball and football, sports less difficult than baseball. We cannot force them to sign with us. But we have many Latin American blacks ”.

At the end of the 2020 season a friendly scout invited me for his attempt to sign several high school graduates. An 18-year-old black from Orlando, a left-handed pitcher with a fastball for 88 miles, answered him ...:
“I am better at basketball. It's what I'm going to play ”. Another, 20-year-old, athletic body, native of Jupiter, whom the scout has seen hit several home runs, said…: “I'm going to study medicine. A black doctor makes much less money than a black bigleaguer, but I will also be able to do better work for our society.

Today is the Day of Martin Luther King, the most notable of the black leaders of the Union, assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, where he had gone to cooperate with striking blacks, for higher wages and better treatment.
Martin greeted smiling, from the balcony of the motel "Lorraine", when a racist fanatic, shot him in the head. Luther King had won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize.

Discrimination, a mandate and the racist fanatic Cap Anson

"Baseball teams of any category in the United States are prohibited from including blacks on their rosters."

This mandate emerged in 1867, 80 years before the Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson. There were teams that violated that provision, such as the Providence Grays, of the National League, which, on June 21, 1879, added William Edward White, mulatto, son of a Brown University, to its roster. white man and a slave.

And in 1881, the black catcher, Moses Fleetwood Walker, and his brother, Welday Wilberforce Walker, were playing for the Toledo Blue Stockings. But in August 1883, Adrián (Cap) Anson, manager-player of the Chicago White Stockings, overcame the mandate, forcing the Walkers off the field.


Anson: 3 hits
Adrián (Cap) Anson was a famous hitter, the first to reach three thousand hits, and the inventor of the hit and run, but a fanatic racist.

Fight for integration
In 1867, two years after the Civil War, they fought unsuccessfully for quotas for blacks.