On the ball | Baseball numbers, not bigleaguers

I hear people say ... "Baseball is a numbers sport."

No. Baseball is a sport of offense and defense with a tiny ball. Now, it is a spectacle sport that produces many numbers.

However, we rarely refer to the numbers in the game itself. What we are concerned with, what excites us, are the numbers referring, for example, to Babe Ruth's home runs, 714, or Hank Aaron's 755, or Cy Young wins 511.

We also care about Pete Rose's historic 256 hits, the batting average of the current season's leader, Nick Castellanos, 364; and the home runs of Vladimir Guerrero, 18; Fernando Tatis Jr., 17; Ronald Acuña, 17; Adolis García 16; and Shohei Ohtani, 16.

Well, today I invite you to another type of numbers, to celebrate that since 1871 150 major league seasons have been played, and that we are in 151.

These are numbers of the game, not of the protagonists of the game ...:

  • There have been 311 no-hitters, plus 23 perfect ones.
  • Three million 965 thousand 251 innings have been thrown.
  • Two million 252 batters have been struck out.
  • One million 453 thousand 201 have been walked.
  • 112 have been hit by pitches.
  • 72 games have been saved.
  • 538 mistakes have been made.
  • There have been 393 thousand 752 double plays.
  • Twenty thousand 20 players have appeared in action.
  • The managers have been 715.
  • The games played have been 223 thousand 810.
  • The runs scored, two million 17 thousand 793.
  • At-bats 15 million 203 thousand 999.
  • Three million 971 and 226 unknowns have been connected.
  • Of which 312 were home runs.
  • Doubles, 678.
  • Triples, 136 thousand 757.
  • 312 thousand 63 bases have been stolen.

The numbers began in baseball, 175 years ago, because it was on the afternoon of June 19, 1846, when at Elysian Field, New Jersey, the first game under the Rules was scored. The New York Nine and the Knickerbocker played, and the scorer was journalist Henry Chadwick "The Father of Baseball", who used the cricket system.

The Nine won 23-1, even though those Rules said that the team to score 21 runs first was the winner. But, as they were visitors, they had to finish the inning, and they went beyond that supposed limit.

The strategy is in agony, just home runs and no-hits

Baseball seems close to becoming a home run-only competition versus no-hitters. Batters will appear at home plate to serve the ball or be strikeouts.

Shooting nine or more innings with no hits is the best for pitchers. And batters don't have a supreme measure beyond hitting so the ball flies over the fences.

But many times, both good is not the best. Nobody touches the ball to get on base anymore, even when logic dictates it, there are few sacrifices, fewer hit and runs and the base steal has died. The strategy is in agony.

There are already four with 16 or more home runs, Vlady Guerrero 18, Tatis Jr. 17, Ronald Acuña 17 and Adolis García 16. Six no-hits, Joe Musgrove, Carlos Rodon, Wade Miley, John Means, Spencer Turnbull and Corey Kluber.

Martín Pérez is the best fifth starter

Llaneras wisdom and patience have kept the Guanarense, Martín Pérez, in the Major Leagues, more than his arm.

After his first season in Boston, 2020, the Red Sox had signed him two options for 2021 and 2022, for 250 million 12 thousand each, a total of 500 million XNUMX thousand, but they rejected them and Martín was free.

Far from being angry or feeling defeated, and guided by his peace of mind from the Llano, he ordered his agents “Old Baseball Group”…:
“Don't worry about a place on another poster. We are going to try to sign with Boston again. It doesn't matter what they pay ”.

The result was that they signed it for this year for four million 250 thousand, plus 500 thousand for each option not executed, total, five million 250 thousand.

Plus manager Alex Cora's opinion…:
"We have the best fifth starter in the two leagues."

They have said that Martin's pitches are a mix of Greg Maddux with Johan Santana's, his 92-mile fastball, curve, and change.


  • Baseball under rules. In 12 days it will be 175 years June 19, 1847, when baseball was played at Elysian Field, Hoboken, for the first time under
  • Hoboken and Sinatra. Hoboken is in New Jersey, but close to New York. Frank Sinatra was born there in 1915



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