On the ball | The gral. JA Páez did not see the Major Leagues

"Many couples now keep their marriage a secret, because they don't want people to call them old-fashioned" ... La Pimpi.

Today and tomorrow are Post Office Days. But, if you did not inform me where you are writing from, I cannot answer you.

Carlos León, from Cabudare, asks ...: "Did General José Antonio Páez attend major league games, since he died in New York in 1872?"

Friend Chalo…: General Páez did die in New York, but on May 1873, XNUMX. They had played two seasons of the first Big League, the National Association. It was a baseball, of course, without the glamor of today. General Páez was not struck by it. He did not attend any games.

Apolinar Zazueta, from Culiacán, asks…: "Why didn't you or 'Yardbarker' include Cy Young on the list of pitchers with 200 or more wins and 3.000 or more strikeouts?"

Friend Lino ...: Simply, because in his 22 seasons, Young won 511 games, but only left strikeouts to two thousand 803, even though he was the leader in two seasons, 1896 with 140 and in 1901 with 158. He used to express ...: “No I'm interested in strikeouts, if not outs. So I try to throw pure strikes and that the seven teammates behind me have fun making the outs ”. So he won more games than anyone else, for now.

Rocío M. Perdomo, from Mérida, Yucatán, asks ...: "What do the words toxídulto, introstícoli and colupicoso mean, which I have seen in your columns, but cannot find them in the dictionaries?"

Amiga Rocy…: Those three esdrújulas remain under study by the illustrious lawyers of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. Introsticcoli means "central point of an entire environment", toxidult, "outlet for intangible, mental, invisible toxins or similar material" and asspicoso is "impertinent, vulgar, ordinary, restless and screaming person for having itchiness in ... you know where". "

Manuel Moreno, from Camurí Grande, asks…: “About 20 years ago, when a pitcher underwent Tommy John surgery, was it a death sentence for his career, but now in recent years the pitchers who underwent this operation have come back in plan. stellar. What is the cause of this change, less quality in the hitters or did the doctors find a solution?

Friend Manolo ...: The first to undergo this operation was Tommy John, in 1975, and afterwards he was more of a winner than before, 182 by 106. And rather that procedure has always been praised. It strikes me that you say you know that at the beginning it was not efficient.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

ATTENTION.- By Google, the file of “Juan Vené en la Pelota”, in “sport brings us together again”.



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