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Jesús Luzardo has the key to getting the outs

This Wednesday against the Brewers the left-hander had the best start of his career in which he worked eight innings

Jesús Luzardo had one of the best starts of his career this Tuesday in the match in which Miami Marlins defeated the Milwaukee Brewers. 

The pitcher with Venezuelan parents worked for 8 blank innings and allowed only three hits, struck out four and retired 17 opponents in a row to tie up the rival bats. 

Luzardo is currently 2-3 and has a 0.94 ERA in his last three starts, with two consecutive wins and 14 scoreless innings.

Regarding this, Luzardo in a post-match press conference indicated that he did not want to focus entirely on how he was going so as not to lose what he was doing. 

“When I was in the sixth or seventh inning and I saw how many pitches I had and that I was getting outs faster, I put a little thought into it but I didn't want to think too much so as not to lose focus,” he said. 

In turn, the pitcher indicated that several pitchers such as Martin Pérez and Sandy Alcántara have helped him with advice that has been very useful in his recent outings. 

“I've been thinking that I don't need to throw so hard, it's more important to locate the fastball (…) I've talked to older pitchers and what they've told me has helped me a lot,” said the Florida pitcher. 

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Finally, he indicated that the team is better geared and left behind the bad start to the season and that has been helpful in winning the games. 

“The Marlins didn't start the season very well but I think we have already gotten into a better rhythm and that is what is helping us, we are playing very good ball.” 

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