Guaiqueríes was the chief against Indians

Guaiqueríes de Margarita (4-0) took the victory solidly 83-67 against Indios de Caracas (2-1), who could not overcome the advantage taken by their rivals early in the duel.

The parity marked the first five minutes of the game, but it was not until Luis Carrillo and Elvis Montaño scored consecutive doubles that Guaqueríes was the first to take off on the board 12 to 7 with four minutes remaining.

In the next minute the offenses showed their best side, Emilio Cappare and Yhoyfer Diaz for Indios, while Elvis Montaño and Luis Carrillo for Guaiqueríes exchanged five points to three minutes from the end of the first quarter to leave the advantage 17 to 12.

Heissler Guillént scored a triple and put the board 20 to 14, repeating the formula subtracting 1:50 leaving the score 23 to 14; meanwhile, José Ascanio finished off with another triple in the final minute, to leave final figures 26 to 14 in the first period.

Guaiqueríes at the point of triples

With the scoreboard 29 to 16 remaining nine minutes, consecutive triples by Edgar Martínez and José Ascanio increased the difference from 35 to 16 in the next minute, forcing Indios to ask for time. Edgar Martínez punished with another triple when returning from time, which
increased the difference to 38 to 16. After a basket from Indians, José Ascanio emulated “Petare” Martínez with a triple that put the scoreboard 41-18.

Grendy Correa and Francisco Centeno, increased the difference from 45 to 18 with baskets in the paint, Indios responded by discounting with a 7 - 0 streak, putting the scoreboard 45 to 25 in just one minute, forcing a time requested by Guaiqueríes by subtracting four from
The first half.

Eliezer Montaño, received a pass under the basket to nail the ball that put the board 47 to 27 to which Harol Cazorla, responded with a float, although Heissler Guillent; slipped to leave a tray and the advantage was still twenty (49 to 29) subtracting
one minute.

A triple by Harol Cazorla, when the buzzer sounded, reduced the lead from 51 to 34, despite the fact that Guaiqueríes took the quarter 25 - 20.

Indians fight the match

The second half started with an exchange of baskets between both teams that left the difference in 59 to 38, then the triples arrived, two from Yohyfer Diaz and another from Harol Cazorla, they reduced the advantage from 59 to 47, forcing a time requested by Guaiqueríes by subtracting 4 : 36.

After the requested time, a pair of free throws made the difference of ten (59 to 49); but Guaqueríes responded immediately with a triple by Leonardo Palacios and a dunk by Luis Carrillo, widening the gap on the board to 64 to 49. A triple by Ronaiquer
Martinez in the final minutes of the quarter put the difference 65 to 53, giving the set to Indios 19 - 14.

The chief was Guaiqueríes

Indios continued to get closer on the scoreboard at the beginning of the decisive period, first Yohyfer González put the scoreboard 67-61 with seven minutes remaining, but Guaiqueríes responded with free throws by Heissler Guillent and Luis Carrillo, before Grendy Correa's floater put the advantage back in ten (71 to 61), forcing Indians time.

Returning from time another Grendy Correa basket extended the lead to 73-61 with 2:50 left in the game. Later, Edgar “Petare” Martínez's double put the score 76-63 with two minutes remaining.

Guaiqueríes always had a response to the advanced rivals, triple by “Petare” Martínez increased the difference from 79 to 65 with 90 seconds remaining, while Grendy Correa put two more baskets (83 to 65) one minute from the end to put the game
in the freezer; finally, the set went to Guaiqueríes 18 - 14, to finish, winning 83 to 67 and keeping his undefeated.

For Indians the best were Yohyfer González (4 rebounds and 1 assist) with 22 points, Harol Cazorla (1 rebound and 2 assists) and Ronaiquer Martínez (4 rebounds and 2 assists) with 10 each.

"We had an atypical start, we all touched the ball and did the work, but they took advantage of our mistakes to go up, then with defense we returned to the game, but we could not turn it around," said Díaz.

For Guaiqueríes the best Luis Carrillo (9 rebounds and 1 assist) with 16 points, Eliecer Montaño (1 rebound and 1 steal) and Edgar Martínez (3 rebounds and 1 block) with 13 each.

"I consider that since we were in preseason, the defense was our strength and that generates the quick breaks with which we do damage," emphasized Luis Carrillo after the game.

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