Vinotinto del FutSal draws against Kazakhstan

The FutSal national team closed its participation in the group stage of the Futsal World Cup Lithuania 2021, with a 1-1 draw against Kazakhstan and finished second and undefeated in Group A with seven points out of nine possible.

The Vinotinto del FutSal started the game at full speed in search of the goal, but after a corner kick, the Kazajo team had a rebound that left the ball served to Douglas Jr. so that he went on the counter and placed the tip it was 1-0 in favor of Kazakhstan in the fifth minute.

The dynamics of the match did not change and the entire first half was played practically in the Kazakh field with the Vinotintos dominating.

The second half passed in the same way, but the Kazakh goalkeeper was gaining strength and making a name for himself with more than half a dozen saves.

Venezuela nunca bajó los brazos y a falta de 11 segundos para el pitazo final Alfredo «Chavela» Vidal consiguió el tanto del empate, que fue celebrado por todos los jugadores de la selección ya que le da su pase invicto a la segunda fase del torneo-

The national team would go against the second in Group C, it could be played against Morocco or against Thailand, depending on the results that occur in their matches.



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