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Elías Díaz has discomfort in his calf

It is expected that in the next few hours the Colorado team will provide information about the receiver

Elías Díaz set off the alarm this Monday in the match between the Colorado Rockies and the Minnesota Twins when in the same first episode of the exciting match that ended with a 5-0 victory for the Minnesota team.

The Venezuelan had the discomfort in his leg when running to first base after hitting a hit that ended in a double play, with evident symptoms of pain, he was immediately removed from the game as a precaution.

According to information after the match, it was learned that Díaz could have an injury to his left calf, indicated journalist Luke Zahlmann of The Denver Gazette.

The Venezuelan receiver will undergo more tests in the coming days and it is expected that the team will be able to give an update on his status in the next few hours.

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Currently, the mask is one of the strong pieces that the Colorado team has both offensively and defensively.

According to MLB.Com, Díaz has a .303 average with five home runs, 12 doubles and 28 RBIs in 198 at-bats.

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