Daniela González and Yhonnielis Camacho qualify for Cali 2021

Yhonnielis Camacho and Daniela González came from behind to win 15-21 / 24-22 / 15-8 and qualify for the Cali 2021 Junior Pan American Games.

The national duo took third place in the second stop of the qualifying tournament, beating the local pair of Giuliana Poletti and Janina Ocampos.

“It was really very difficult. We hadn't trained together for a long time, I in Spain and she in Venezuela. The time change affected me a lot. We do not make excuses and simply that at the beginning things did not turn out how we would have liked. We are clear that it has not been our best level, however, we do not give up. Our motivation was God. We pray and meditate a lot, ”said Daniela González from Asunción.

Venezuela finished the first stage, also in Asunción, in last place, ninth: “It was devastating. It was demotivating. A bit harsh for both of us. I know that many people expect more from us, but our journey does not end here. It was worth the sacrifice and what we will do to improve and bring better results to the country. We have to find a way to train more together. There is a desire and willingness to learn and improve every day ”, added González.

“With many sensations, many mixed feelings, much happiness and much satisfaction. The objective was achieved. In the first phase it was very difficult for us to engage since we had two months without playing together. I made the effort to have that touch that I needed for this competition. I had to train a lot on my own, "added Yhonnielis Camacho.

“It was a very tough competition. We made every effort to engage and feel good, but we came from less to more to consolidate. We did not have a concentration before the competition. Already with this experience, we must train and have a consecutive concentration. We must be better technically and physically. We have already qualified and we have to work very hard to be better, ”concluded Camacho, who, along with González, formed the National Team that won the semi final of the Continental Cup against Ecuador.

Venezuela thus achieved the last of the five disputed quotas for women's beach volleyball on the way to Cali 2021.

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