Alcides Escobar left the Padres on the field

The Nationals had six losses in a row until this Sunday Alcides Escobar decided to take matters into his own hands. The Venezuelan drove the difference race in the ninth inning for the capital to leave the Padres on the ground 8-7.

The criollo infielder's decisive connection came against reliever Mark Melancon after one out.

Previously, in the eighth inning, Escobar had hit his first homer with the Nats uniform to drive in the fifth score for the capital and advance towards the comeback.

Juan Soto also went to the street for the Nats and, like Escobar, contributed a couple of RBIs.

Alcides ended the engagement 5-2 with a walk and left his average at .296.

The victory went to Brad Hand (5-2) and the reverse to Mark Melancon (2-2).



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