24 teams confirmed their participation in the Futsal League 2021

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The Venezuelan National Futsal League has already received the letters of commitment from the 24 clubs that will be present in the 2021 Season.

The Regularizing Committee and the Futsal Division have been in charge of planning and structuring everything related to what will be the start of futsal in Venezuela.

Each of the participating teams must present a previous list of players with their respective PCR tests. Throughout the tournament, all biosecurity measures established by the World Health Organization will be respected.

The League will be divided into 6 groups of 4 teams, it is expected that for Tuesday, February 23 at 10:00 am, the first online meeting will be held with the representatives of the 24 participating clubs, to finalize all the details before the start from the competition.


East A

1.- Deportivo Menca Sport (Anzoátegui)
2.- God with us FSC (Anzoátegui)
3.- Deportivo Cachamay (Anzoátegui)
4.- Dvo. Easter FS (Guarico)

Middle B

1.- Delta I Love You (Delta Amacuro)
2.- The Cold of the South (Bolívar)
3.- The Temblador Square (Monagas)
4.- Wuilly Callister (Monagas)

West A

1.- New Futsal Day (Falcón)
2.- Real Yaracuy FS (Yaracuy)
3.- Brillantes from Maracaibo (Zulia)
4.- Sesca FC (Falcón)

West Center

1.- Atlético Cocorote (Yaracuy)
2.- Titans of the Obelisk (Lara)
3.- Portuguese Futsal (Portuguese)
4.- Acarigua Materials (Portuguese)


1.- Pumas SC (La Guaira)
2.- Buccaneers of Vargas (La Guaira)
3.- Real Esperanza (Miranda)
4.- Deportivo Maracay (Aragua)

West B

1.- Warriors of Boconó
2.- Real Montessori FC (Mérida)
3.- ACM 97 (Táchira)
4.- Santa Bárbara del Zulia (Zulia)

The groups were organized according to the geographic location of the clubs and the National Futsal League Venezuela is expected to start in mid-April.

FVF Press



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