Unanswered questions (II) | Vladimir Acosta

Official photo of the VI Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

Examined in the previous article the positive outcomes and the hopes revived by the recent CELAC meeting promoted by the progressive Mexican government chaired by López Obrador, it is now convenient to examine the inescapable problem constituted by some of the obstacles that we will have to face if we want to advance by that path avoiding that, like so many other times, the false illusions that always arise in those cases, prevent us from seeing them and lead us to fail again, something we do not want.

And I think we should start by comparing López Obrador's first statement about Bolívar and his idea of ​​a great homeland, including his proposal to leave the OAS, with what was his speech at the aforementioned CELAC meeting. And it is that the detailed approach of this official speech was different, more general and less radical, perhaps because its author realized that the response to his proposal had been weak, and that apparently the integration of the current CELAC did not count. with the majority necessary to support a similar proposal.

The speech was widely circulated, so I am limiting myself to summarizing some of its central ideas. What is proposed economically is to turn CELAC into an instrument to build something like the economic community that gave rise to the current European Union with the United States and Canada. It would be based on respect for our sovereignty, the principle of non-intervention and self-determination of the peoples, cooperation for development and mutual aid to face inequality and discrimination. Politically, it would demand the commitment of the heads of state to respect the internal decisions of the peoples, that no government tries to subdue another country for any reason and even less by using force to achieve it. Controversies about democracy and human rights would be settled by neutral entities belonging to our countries (which would they be?) And, if necessary, specialized organizations belonging to the UN (are they never biased?).

As a statement of principle, it is all too naive in your plans and concrete comparisons to long for Kennedy's Alliance for Progress, to ask Biden for billions of dollars to help fight inequality and violence in the region, and to swallow the recent promise. of him and his Secretary of State, the same one I criticized in another article showing that the petty money offer was nothing more than a fraud to force Mexico to stop by force the massive migrations of Central Americans and Mexicans to the United States, the only thing that interests them.

I think there would be at least five central things to point out here.

The first of these is something that López Obrador knows well and has even denounced: Mexico's own terrible experience with FTAs, free trade agreements with the United States and Canada. The right-wing governments prior to his mandate saw and accepted without question how those treaties subdued Mexico, how the United States imposed its protected exports, filled it with maquilas, destroyed its agriculture, causing massive migrations of ruined peasants to the capital, unemployment, misery , prostitution, the increase and militarization of drugs, economic stagnation and growing violence, while the corrupt presidents who tolerated this, proclaimed that Mexico had ceased to belong to that failed Latin America because now it was not only a geographical but also a cultural part of North America. Sad dream

The second is to ask if López Obrador knows well, and there is no doubt that he does, what the European Union is currently in relation to the United States, how it dominates it and imposes its will on it while the subject European governments support it like docile lackeys. What are they. Nothing else is what is achieved by joining organizations with that overbearing empire. Our old and eternal Pan-Americanism is the best example of this.

The third question would be, how are we going to prevent the United States from interfering with our countries? Who will force him to respect our laws, our sovereignty and independence? Those who believe that possible seem to forget that when the international criminal court sanctioned the United States in the 80s for bombing the ports of Nicaragua at the beginning of the Sandinista revolution, the Supreme Court of the empire declared that it was cleaning its butt with that decision because the only Valid laws in the country were and are those approved by its Congress. But yours are valid all over the world. And that does not change or will change as long as that empire exists.

The fourth is whether the political and ideological positions of most of the Latin American governments that make up CELAC today have been seen. The rights remain the majority in our governments; and now they not only have the financial support and complicity of the United States, their patron, but also that of a new Ibero-American right that is promoted from Spain and that with its hysterical and simplistic but effective anti-communism in the midst of the prevailing confusion, pretends repeat in our continent the history of Opus Dei that we lived in the past 50's, product of the boom at that time of the Franco regime.
And the fifth is, what use would a future and hypothetical CELAC made up of worthy countries and sovereign governments (and even without the formal presence of the United States or Canada) if that CELAC included the current Colombia? Because Colombia, despite the heroic struggles of its people, is no longer even a Latin American country led by the most surrendering and murderous right wing on the continent, but a US territory full of Yankee military bases, in which the gringo military enters and leaves. how and when they want, and that it is also a member of NATO. Yes, from NATO, so we already have the murderous NATO in our Latin America.

By the way, this has nothing to do with Bolívar or with his vision of a great homeland that was the federative and solidarity unit of our new independent states and that excluded the United States. But there is more. Because it must be clarified that it is not about Bolívar for Bolívar but that today it is even much more evident than in Bolívar's time the fact that the United States is the central obstacle that opposes our unity and that it continues to plague this America of ours. of misery in the name of freedom.
The paths to achieve our independence can vary and will undoubtedly vary, problems can take different forms and illusions take on new aspects, but what has not changed so far, what remains at the center of everything (and now that is clearer than ever) is that the United States is the main enemy of the freedom and well-being of our peoples and the main obstacle to our union and the achievement of our sovereign independence.

And it is not that what has been achieved in CELAC is worthless. I repeat, of course it does. What's more, it can even be a new starting point to discuss and move forward shaking the drowsiness with which the right wing tries to dominate us, keeping our peoples confused and taking advantage of that confusion. But yes, we would be closer to it if we start by taking a look at those heavy obstacles that obstruct the road, to first see how to face them, how to find an answer to those questions, and how to begin to solve the serious problem that It represents overcoming them before we begin to move like other times in a fantasy world full of illusions that has little to do with our harsh reality. To really move forward, as we want, I think this is the first thing to avoid.


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