Some have a blast | Vladimir Acosta

It is clear that, despite what the laws say, we are not all equal before them nor do we have the same rights. For this reason, in this world of rich and poor in which we live, of violence, injustice, enormous and growing social and economic differences, inequality, poverty and misery, rich minorities, owners of power, and politicians who serve them meekly, often have a great time, enjoying all the material advantages that their servitude to that power provides them and that often ends up making them also rich (if they were not before).

The best model for this are the presidents of the United States, all "democratic." As leaders of a warlike and murderous empire that is exhibited as a model of democracy and freedom, they are all serial murderers who invade countries, destroy them and massacre people, but who can never be blamed for these crimes because their country is the owner of justice world, which only condemns its enemies, and because what they do is by the will of God, being they agents of good, facing evil, embodied in the people who do not accept their rule.

Reagan committed horrendous crimes in Central America causing tens of thousands of deaths. When he shot down an Iranian civilian plane full of passengers, he said that it did not keep him awake. Bush I, former head of the CIA, invaded Iraq and invaded Panama where he bombed a popular neighborhood causing thousands of deaths, which did not disturb him either. Clinton spent a month destroying Serbia and to cover up his affair with a young intern, she bombed Sudan's only drug factory. Keep happy, rich and playing the saxophone. His only frustration is that his wife, Hillary, could not be president, but as Obama's secretary of state, the hypocritical King of the drone, she celebrated the invasion of Libya and the horrendous death of Gaddafi. Not to mention the crimes of Bush II. It would take away the space that I have left.

Anyway, everyone had a great time, both in a figurative sense of having a good time, and in a real sense that nothing prevented them from bombing countries and murdering entire villages. The two who did not finish the bomb were Kennedy, soon assassinated, and Nixon, who resigned because of Watergate. Obama continues to have a blast, although he cannot use drones as before, and Trump has done nothing in his life but have a blast, coming out of his scams and even his recent failure. He lost a confusing election, but he planted the not unfounded idea that there was fraud, he emerged unscathed from two impeachments, a record, will continue to do sordid business deals, will seek to remain an active opposition leader, something so far unusual in the United States and will be able to to run for president again to deepen the chaos he caused.

But it is not just the rulers of the United States. Others also have a blast, serving the United States and being equal to or worse than them. They are legion. I mention several. I note that I am talking about presidents who have died or who have already left office, without distinguishing between dictators and "democratic" rulers or whether they massacred the people or were peaceful thieves. Only they had a blast, and it's hard to decide who was worse.

Franco, Juan Carlos I and Berlusconi are insurmountable paradigms: a murderous dictator, an untouchable and corrupt king, and a joyous and cynical elected ruler. I add Ferdinand Marcos, dictator of the Philippines, who had a blast, killing and stealing, while his wife Imelda collected more than a thousand pairs of shoes. Marcos should have left power, but nothing happened to him. There are several African dictators who exceed all measures: the Congolese Mobutu, Idi Amín Dada, dictator of Uganda, and the Central African Bokassa, protected from France. They all had a bomb, killed, robbed, ended up rich, died in their beds and were very happy.

And as for the rulers who had a great time, let's not forget that this America of ours has been a true nursery. We had Somoza, Trujillo, Batista, Pérez Jiménez, Pinochet, Videla, all old servile dictators of the United States who had a blast, although two of them finally paid with their lives.

But we must add the most recent "democrats" who were not left behind, neither in servility nor in crimes. Nothing ever happens to them and nothing will happen, because justice does not touch them and in the end old people die in their beds, knowing that they will be buried with honors. In other words, the only thing that counts is that they were presidents no matter what they did when they were. Thus, the democrat Leoni headed the most murderous government of the fourth Venezuelan republic and initiated the policy of physical disappearances of revolutionaries and suspected revolutionaries. In Mexico, two successive democratic presidents, Díaz Ordaz and Echeverría, were directly responsible for the criminal massacre of students in Tlatelolco in 1968, one as president and the other as Secretary of the Interior. Both were also verified informants for the CIA. And Colombia is not far behind. Uribe and Santos were also recent models. Servants to the empire, corrupt, gangsters, serial killers, creators of false positives. The one, untouchable by justice; the other, an unusual recipient of a Nobel Prize.

Now I am interested in Carlos Menem, former president of Argentina, who died in recent days, and whose death gave me the idea to write this article. Because if some have a blast, Menen, comparable to Berlusconi, was an insurmountable example of this. Many essays, apologetic or critical, describe his life and his luck of reign without a crown. I refer to them and limit myself to specifying a few key things.

Menem comes to power as the Peronist leader in a picture of serious internal crisis in Argentina and full neoliberal rule in the United States and Europe. It is opportunistic, it goes with arms and baggage to neoliberalism and it surrenders to the big bourgeoisie assuming its policies. His mentors are known: the politician and businessman Martínez de Hoz and the disastrous economist Cavallo. Following them, it minimizes the role of the state, delivers the economy to the market and opens the country to foreign capital. Whether they work or not, it liquidates state and national capital companies, privatizes everything, increases unemployment, and claims to apply a necessary surgery to the country without anesthesia. Get credits from international organizations and reduce the enormous inflation by equating the peso to the dollar without base.

The model works for a while, as it always does. But when it starts to creak, he has full control of power and the bourgeoisie and the media defend him. With his undeniable charisma he deceives a large part of the town. Corruption surrounds him and he is part of it. His arrogance is limitless, like Berlusconi's. Despite his short stature, he plays basketball. He rides in a luxurious Ferrari, kicks out his wife and lives like a Turkish sultan. He describes his relationship with the United States as carnal. He is reelected, dominates Argentina for ten years, has a great time and does not pay for his crimes. In his second term there are protests and his government represses and confronts the workers' centrals.

His delivery of the country to foreign capital is complete and the profound consequences of the disaster that he causes in his ten years of government are still alive. Menem is one of the most dire characters in Argentine history, which is not scarce in them. In recent days the political and media right has continued to beautify and enlarge his figure while he was watched over and buried as a former president.

One less! The blind man from Los Olvidados would have said. But that nothing changes. Anyway, this world is unfair, we know. I wish that was the only injustice and there would be more justice, less inequality, less poverty, less impunity and less hunger. Yes, but we also know that to achieve this we must always continue to fight tirelessly.

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