Video games to win cryptocurrencies are all the rage in Venezuela

Online video games based on blockchain technology to invest and win in cryptocurrencies by playing, known as play-to-earn, seem to have aroused the interest of many Venezuelans this 2021. And it is that the search to know more about these games in Google, according to tool records Google Trends, rebounded in the second half of this year.

The term "games to win cryptocurrencies”, For example, it became popular in September in our country, along with online video games Axie Infinity, Plants vs Undead and Block Farm.

Data of Similar Web confirm these searches. This page that offers the ranking of the most visited websites in Venezuela, it stands out that in October 2021 the portal Plant vs Undead was the fourth most visited in the country, the Block Farm appears from number 22 and Axie Infinity in the 44.

While in the ranking de Alexa, the game portal play-to-earn Plant vs Undea it is in thirteenth place; Axie Infinity, is ranked 28 of the most visited websites in the country and the game Block Farm in the number 29.

Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, are the countries that in September of this year its inhabitants, according to the tool Google Trends, generated the largest searches, worldwide, for information on this way of investing in the world of cryptos with the modality play winning cryptocurrencies.

By entering the search term "Axis Infinity”Around the world, in this order, the Philippines, Venezuela, Cuba, Qatar and Singapore, stand out as the countries in which their inhabitants made the most searches for this game in Google during July of this year; while in the case of "Plant vs Undead”Venezuela appears first, then the Philippines, Panama, Cuba and Argentina, as the countries where the most searches for this term were generated between August and September of this year.

Regarding the term "Block Farm”, Venezuela also appears as the country where the most searches were carried out in Google, followed by the Philippines, Argentina, Panama and Peru.

Investing in games to win in cryptocurrencies is a risk

But that there are records that reflect so much interest in Venezuela in this way of investing in cryptocurrencies in video games developed for this purpose does not mean that it will always go well and that everyone who wants it has the ability to do so. And it is that although very good benefits can be obtained, the world of cryptocurrencies is a risk, warned Richard Molina, a computer scientist interviewed by this means to learn about his experience in this segment of virtual currencies.

The behavior of the cryptocurrencies of these online video games is similar to that of Bitcoin, it can have days of sustained growth, in which you can multiply your investment, but there will also be times when you can lose your money. Everything may depend on supply and demand, trust in the cryptocurrency and the decisions of the developers of the project or game.

An example is Plant vs Undead, a video game to invest and earn cryptocurrencies where the players are farmers or gardeners who acquire and feed post-apocalyptic plants, in the style of the classic Plant vs Zombies, refer to specialized portals on the subject. With this game you can win PVU (Plant Vs Undead), which is the cryptocurrency of this project and which currently equals $ 0,3001.

As a farmer, the player must protect his home and acquire seeds in order to obtain plants. For each piece of land you can have one tree and five plants; and as a gardener the player must water the plants and protect them, chase crows to obtain rewards from the internal cryptocurrency of the platform called LE (Light Energy). For every 100 LE, 1 PVU can be claimed.

To be a farmer you need to invest at least 100 PVU, and to play as a gardener only requires an investment of 5 PVU, although originally this modality was free.

In this game, Molina acquired ten tokens a few months ago, which at the time had a value of $ 15 each, making a total investment of $ 150.Although he made a profit of $ 30 the first days, because the value of the token obtained a rise, for reasons "of bad decisions" that are awarded to the developers of the project, the virtual currency of this game depreciated. However, Molina is confident that he will recoup his investment this December, when an update to this game is expected.

The cryptocurrencies obtained in this game can be converted to digital dollars through wallets such as Binance.

As for the Block Farm, another of the video games to earn in cryptocurrencies most sought after in Venezuela, in which the investor must manage a farm with fantasy plants, says Molina that his investment step in this project, which caught his attention for being similar to Plant Vs Undead, it was short. And although he made a profit, he points out that he managed to withdraw on time, because it turned out to be a scam.

And it is that some developers of this type of investment games in cryptocurrencies can end up being scammers.

Molina explains that there are people who develop an investment project in tokens, keeping a significant amount of this coin, and when experiencing a considerable rise in its value, they end up selling them in their entirety, obtaining a juicy profit at the expense of their cost and from the rest of the investors, who end up losing their money.

The cryptocurrency of this game, the CFB (Black Farm Club), has a current value of $ 0.02845, and can also be converted to digital dollars through wallets.

It is for this reason that Molina advises studying this world of cryptocurrencies very well before entering, especially if you want to invest in play-to-earn games or NTF (Token Not Fungible in Spanish), to make the best decisions, although never runs away from losing something. On YouTube you can find expert investors of this type of virtual currencies such as KmanuS, who know this market and can guide those interested in the subject.

In the case of Axie Infinity, Cova, who decided to invest at the beginning of this second semester of 2021 after studying it well, in an interview with He said he was confident that he made a good investment. “As long as the project / game has a strong demand and a solid community it will be an excellent option to invest”; adding that "the decisions made by its developers are still the best ones to maintain a fairly healthy economy in the game."

Axie Infinity is one of the most successful cryptocurrency trading games today. Developed by the Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, it consists of battles between characters (represented with NFT) called axies.

In order to enter the game, investors must purchase at least a three-axle team, which can range between $ 500 and $ 1.800; and to earn SLP (Smooth Love Potion), which is the platform's official digital currency, you will have to create magical and combat creatures to use in battles or sell axies to other users.

You can also grant scholarships to players, which is another way to earn SLP. If you have the money to buy a lot of axies, you can distribute them to people who are interested in gambling and thus make a profit with their work.

SLPs can be converted into digital dollars through wallets and exchanges like Airtm.

Training for scholarship holders in games to earn cryptocurrencies

The recently elected governor of La Guaira, José Alejandro Terán, proposed during his campaign for the regional elections the project Technical Training Center for Mining and administration of Digital Crypto Assets, in which he highlights it will serve for the training of scholarship holders in the world of play-to-earn or NFT games, like Axie Infinity.

“As well as in the world of mining and trading, we will promote this program with the support #sunacrip, The academy @axieiinfinity, the professionals of @independentconteran and our glorious @jpsuv We will turn this training center into a talent pool that will fill our Guaira Power with digital employment and solutions ", wrote the then candidate in his account. Instagram.

“We will create 1.000 jobs in my first year of digital management, 300 of them in the first 100 days of government, they are a concrete goal that together and together we will make possible. 1.000 Jobs Generated in a Year Write it down! The scholarship program, Axie infinity La Guaira is the first of many training programs, within the framework of the La Guaira Digital program ”, added Terán.

He also informed that those interested in taking the free axie training course and aspiring to be a scholarship from the Academy @axieiinfinity, can register in the link of his biography or in



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