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That's the thing. Every time we open a web page, it announces that it respects our privacy, and that for this reason it installs cookies on our computer, electronic police that spy on what we read, write or communicate. With cookies, screens full of nonsense appear and exempt from the command that allows them to be turned off or blocked. Literally you cannot open the internet without an army of cookies invading the computer, occupying space and gossiping what we do, until all the memory of all computer devices is completely cluttered with cookies spying on each other and unsolicited screens covering each other. them and you can no longer work, communicate or investigate. Looking away from the screens we discover a strange world, where there are day and night, stars and birds, landscapes, human beings. None of them reveal our privacy or try to install spies on us, so that we can try to look at them, get to know them, get along with them.


Ideas are discovered to be viruses housed primarily in the brain. They were infected with primitive methods, threats, slaps, liturgies. Ideological apparatuses are agencies to impose compulsory contagion. An idea can strike you in the form of a wedge, study time, book or sleep. The most dangerous appear like this, as self-evident. They have been guilty of advances and clarifications but also of wars and confusion. The mask against ideas in the form of a cathedral or social network is perfected. After reading this article, disinfect your brain with gel.


We now share the sadness of the Muslims of not knowing the beauty hidden behind robes and veils. The eyes have become the only visible object of desire. Erotic publications exploit the mystery of blinking. The most eschatological have the eye entirely open. Brides are married with lace masks and wedding nights are dark to avoid disappointment.


The mask that frees us from so many multiple infections is now available. With graphene meshes, it filters the scandal of so many loudspeakers that impose bad music or worse slogans on us. A quartz screen removes poorly designed buildings, horrifying suits, piles of garbage, faces overcome by hatred or neglect from our gaze. Bad postures are worse than ugliness, so the mask prevents you from seeing them. Protective gloves guard rough or pointed surfaces from disdain or boredom. Selective plugs filter out banal words, fallacious arguments, or tedious conversations. Computerized readers dismiss bad news, poorly written opinions, or mediocre literature. Its protection is such that it prevents malicious or undesirable warnings. We are finally safe from the detestable. Let's not try to see ourselves in the mirror with the mask on either: their prophylactic sensors will have erased us.


This is the result of playing with the numbers. To prove that the new quantum computer exceeds 8 times the capacity and speed of the conventional computer to the tenth power, it is applied to decode the keys that protect all the important secrets that make people or institutions important. When I say all it is all: from the bribes received by all the honest candidates to the deposits of each one in Tax Havens; from the number and identity of pedophile priests to the filming of the security cameras of the adulteresses in the motels for hours; from the file of crimes against humanity of the statesmen to the unbalanced balance sheets of the financial empires; from the cancer cure that pharmaceutical companies hide because useless treatments are more profitable to the dividends from the commercialization of carcinogens, from the real income of the military industrial complex to its translation into the lives of mercenaries and murdered people. But quantum computers, like quantos, suffer from incoherence. In a world where the secret had ceased to exist for those below, the keys to secrets are disclosed to all, the denunciation against those above is democratized, the revelation about the false flag attacks, the mysterious homicides, the mechanics of the arms race and the truth about drug trafficking. Not to mention that the disclosure of the keys to the hidden accounts allows the universal confiscation and redistribution of wealth. As quantum mechanics presupposes that a phenomenon can present contradictory behaviors that characterize it both as a wave or as a particle, or a cat locked in a room can be both alive or dead without us knowing which of these effects has actually occurred. produced, we do not know if this orgy of truth that everyone knew a) dissolves all institutions and confronts us with terrible freedom b) does not want to be perceived by the majority, out of fear, out of cowardice, out of resignation to continue being what never they had believed they were in the midst of the suffocating plague of a trapped cat.


Distance classes and remote administration and remote contact via social networks allow non-face-to-face civilization to become more and more possible in which finally we only know screens. From agoraphobia to sociophobia there is only one step that finally leads to the autophobia produced by being able to perceive all our horrors without being distracted by others.


In the end, after the certainty that the application of any project results in the opposite of what it was formulated for, it is proposed to impose the most exploitative, oppressive, deceitful and absurd dictatorship in case it turns out to be the opposite. You don't have to try too hard, it's pretty much what most of the world lives for.


He dreams that he has lived a reality, and does not know how to interpret it.


The cure against the pandemic is achieved, the cure for the cure is now being investigated.


Making literature so hideous that reality seems like a relief.