United States and Nazism | Vladimir Acosta

Member of the Silver Legion in a photograph from the 30s

On December 16, the UN General Assembly approved a reiterated Russian proposal that condemns all glorification of Nazism and Nazi ideology. 130 countries supported the proposal, 49 abstained (the European Union, current defender of Nazism that ruled or massacred it during the Second World War and the other usual servile or complicit governments of the United States (EU): Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan and the Baltic countries), and only 2 voted against: the US and Ukraine.

The Ukraine thing is normal. The Ukrainian government is pro-Nazi, and if it does not declare itself a Nazi it is because the hypocritical government of the United States does not want it to. Nazism is strong in Ukraine, in the western part of the country, but Ukraine does not count here. His master is the US. That is why I want to review in its broad features, the old, hidden and close relationship of the United States with Nazism.

1. EU, forerunner, model and master of the Nazis

From the nineteenth century and even more since the first decades of the twentieth century, for its crimes and racist practices, the United States was a direct precursor of Nazism and later a model for it to follow when it took shape under the leadership of Hitler, his great admirer, in the 30s and 40s of that last century. So let's look at the United States as a forerunner and model for the Nazis.

In the nineteenth century: models for Hitler were the slavery of blacks, declared inferior beings, luck of the first untermenschen, and the racial segregation that follows slavery, with all its crimes. This segregation is a model of the Nazi with its persecutions and ghettos, as well as the indigenous genocide, its massacres of thousands of Indians and its reservations of Indian tribes. All of this is admired, celebrated and later enhanced by Hitler and the Nazis.

In the 10th century: more models, the horrible and early massacre of Filipino patriots that included children over XNUMX years old, and the concentration camps, kind of strategic villages, in which the victims were tortured and beaten or starved to death. prisoners. The US only lacked the Zyklon BBut the American company Dupont later manufactured it for the Nazis, who gassed the Jews with it. Starting in 1910, the US began to experiment with eugenics, admired, copied and later expanded by the Nazis. The US used poor, idiots, blacks and the sick as guinea pigs. The Nazis massed it using Jews, gypsies and communists as victims. Without forgetting that the monstrous experiments of Dr. Mengele also derived from it.

2. USA: from copycats and friends to moderate rivals of Nazism

With the triumph of the Nazis since 1933, and despite the fact that the Roosevelt government tries to stay on the sidelines, support for Nazism grows in the United States and organizations of an open Nazi character emerge. The Kennedy's father, a smuggler of liquor under US prohibition and the US ambassador to London, is an outspoken admirer of Hitler. The politician and wealthy businessman John Ford is outspoken pro-Nazi and anti-Jewish and sports a photograph of Hitler on his desk. Lindberg, the famous aviator, is another Hitler admirer. The political-military organizations that emerged and grew in those decades in the United States are numerous. Examples: the Black Legion, and the Silver Shirts, which combine KKK, anti-black racism, anti-communism, and admiring imitation of Hitler and Nazism. The newly created HUAC ignores the growth of pro-Nazi organizations, with which it sympathizes, while persecuting any progressive organization that it accuses of being communist, of which the child actress Shirley Temple was also accused.

The Second War is key to defining this. Roosevelt remains neutral on Nazism. But in 1939 war broke out, and the US, which fears Nazi power, must participate in it because it will define who is going to be the new owner of the world. By invading Russia by Hitler, Roosevelt sees hope for the US because both rivals must weaken. But in the beginning Germany has the advantage. So Roosevelt decides to attack Japan, which threatens his interests in the Pacific. He harasses him and sets the Pearl Harbor trap to declare war on him without clashing with Germany. But Hitler declares war on him. Allies, the US and England delay the frontal collision with Germany, leaving all the burden to the heroic communist Russia and only when they see that it crushes the Nazis and is going to reach Berlin first, they organize the Normandy landing. The US hardly faces the Nazis; and these, before the Russian advance, surrender to the English and North Americans. Thus, the US, rich and with its untouched industry, exhibits itself as the victor of the war and liberator of Europe while Russia, the true victor, has been devastated by that victory. The US secretly pacts with the Nazis and begins to bring them in en masse to reinforce their nuclear science, their space technology and the espionage it needs to start the Cold War, again against communism embodied in that Russia.

3. The US renews and assumes Nazism disguising it as democracy and surpasses the Nazis in crimes, invasions, wars, assassinations and power

That's where the Nazis go. The US doesn't need them anymore. From now on, with its atomic bomb and those that follow, with the Nazis that it has Americanized and its control of a Germany that it fills with military bases, the US assumes the role and tasks of the Nazis, perfects them and makes more criminals. , but yes, disguising them, as he does with everything he touches, of the struggle for democracy and freedom.

The Nazis committed horrendous crimes that should not be forgotten, but neither that Nazism lasted 13 years and only dominated Europe, all in the middle of a conflict like the Second War, which meant immediate fight against their crimes. In this, the US, equally despotic and racist, completely surpasses it both in crimes, wars and deaths, as well as in dominated and looted territories.

Shall we take a brief look at that list? The US begins its rise to world power by dropping two atomic bombs on an already defeated Japan, to warn Russia. It continues with wars: Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia; more coups in Latin America; invasions: failed in Cuba and successful in the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Panama; support for every right-wing dictatorship in the world; dominion of Europe, full of its military bases and turned into a servile protectorate; world power to impose its subjection to the planet: full control of the media; sanctions for those who resist; its dollar issued without endorsement and imposed as currency to the world; control and theft of foreign currency; Management in their interest of the World Bank, IMF, WTO, stock exchanges, commerce, banking, world finance, and payment systems that control all exchanges today. More wars that destroy countries; more attacks, sanctions and threats. And a growing threat of nuclear war against Russia and China that could put an end to this unequal and rotten capitalist civilization that is sinking daily before our eyes.

The number of crimes and the list of deaths, invalids, tortured and disappeared by the US, a list that does not stop growing, such as that of peoples ruined by their murderous wars, their looting of countries and their cynical hypocrisy that makes pass that enormous criminal record As a fight for democracy and freedom, they have clearly outperformed the Nazis. The US has been in this for two centuries and in the midst of its current decline threatens the world with major crimes. There is little doubt that there has not been another more murderous country, that the worst plague that has fallen on this planet is that country willing to destroy the world before agreeing to share its domain with other powers, which can only be its own.

Given this, what remains of the Nazis and their crimes that has not been widely surpassed by the US? How could that super Nazi country that is the US condemn Nazism?


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