Joe Biden and the Earl of Romanones | Vladimir Acosta

Today's politics, especially the so-called great politics, that of the great ones or those who think they are great, that is, that of the decadent American Empire and the even more decadent Europe that serves it, emits from a distance a suffocating smell of sewage, of corruption, to smelly deals that are unashamedly displayed as ethical achievements.

It is that those great or supposedly great, which are well-armed rogue states, can no longer disguise politics, nor are they interested in doing so, which are just brutal impositions to get countries or governments that hinder them out of the way, to steal their wealth, to starve their people through wars, blockades or criminal sanctions. The powerful do it while the accomplices look the other way to get at least something to touch them, whether it be just a few dollars, a caress, or the leftover bones from the banquet. And even worse, as the Empire itself also does in extreme cases, when faced with undeniable crimes from essential allies, on whose complicity it depends to maintain its weakened hegemony, it cannot, despite being an Empire, do more than disguise, silence or cover them up.

There are many shameful examples of the open criminality of the Empire, of its brutal terrorism that is exhibited without limits or disguises, of the unworthy servility of its European or Latin American accomplices, who accept, celebrate, or keep silent without the slightest shame, and the shameless cynicism of the great international press, of those lying media that cover up their ugly crimes and embellish their festering acts. The truth is that, by means of that press, of those great daily disseminating media of lies and misinformation, these acts explode us in the face. But for that very reason, because there are many and they fall on us day after day, they are also soon forgotten, because we have just learned about one or more of them, others, similar or worse, come the next day to replace them. And since humanity today is short of memory, since it lives trapped in superficial and volatile media and networks, which mix everything so that there is little left of everything, it is prudent to focus on a recent scandal, on a very large and smelly one, before that the same means of the system throw it into oblivion.

I mean the CIA report on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, which Biden is holding in his hands without knowing how to hide it and make it disappear. Because the problem is not Khashoggi but his murderer, the Saudi prince Ben Salmán who as heir to the throne rules the country in the name of the old king his father. The details of the monstrous murder of Khashoggi are well known to all of us and we know that Ben Salmán ordered the crime, executed by the band of assassins that protects him and only receives his orders. Ben Salmán is a psychopath, a serial murderer responsible for the genocide that his country has carried out for years in Yemen, who has massacred rival princes who could dispute his access to the throne, and who uses that criminal gang that protects him to assassinate Saudis critics or dissenters like Khashoggi.

That was evidenced two years ago by a CIA report. Trump, who was then president, despised him to defend Ben Salmán. But Biden defended the report and assured that if he were president he would take action on the assassination. Now that he is president, the CIA has given him a renewed report, which does not say anything new, but confirms Ben Salmán's responsibility. And Biden has a problem. He cannot do like Trump, but neither can he condemn Ben Salmán, endangering his country's secret alliance or pact with Saudi Arabia. Impossible. That alliance has been one of the bases of world power for the United States and key, along with support for Israel, to control the Middle East and confront Iran. Biden tries to play crazy while everything is forgotten, because he cannot condemn such an important friend. No, all friends are forgiven. And that is what has reminded me again of the old Count of Romanones who, had he been alive, would no doubt have recommended Biden to do that.

I am not going to relate the biography of the Count of Romanones (1863-1950). Despite the important role that he had in Spanish politics for more than half a century and despite the amount of political somersaults that he gave in those times, ranging from the reign of Alfonso XIII to almost two decades of Franco's dictatorship, he is today little remembered character. . If they are interested, they can easily read it on the internet. There they will find the details of his life and of his long activity as a high-level politician: deputy, mayor, party leader, president of Congress, minister of the most diverse portfolios and even head of government. Romanones was a notable politician, with intense, diverse and prolonged experience, and he knew all the maneuvers, complicities and traps of politics, executed by him naturally from the most democratic to the most authoritarian positions.

Romanones was the protagonist or important character of all of them, going from progressive liberal to active and opportunistic conservative who, already old and after doubting it for a while, ended up serving Franco. Of course, what you will not find in that biography is his phrase that I am going to quote you and that is the reason why I decided to write this article. Summing up his long experience, Romanones, in a moment of sincerity, left an unbeatable definition of politics. In politics, tells us:

“To friends, the ass; enemies, up the ass; and to those who are neither friends nor enemies, the strict application of the laws and regulations in force ”.

The definition is as cynical as it is valid, because it deals with real politics and not with that defined by the Treatises of Political Science, which seem more like treatises on morality about the duty to be Kantian than about what politics really is, which is practiced daily, especially when pragmatism prevails and all ethical dimensions are lost. But despite his cynicism, Romanones' definition has a moral limit: between both extremes, between friends and enemies there is a middle ground, that of those who are neither one thing nor the other. And that is why for them there is no friendship or enmity but justice.

This is due to the fact that, in Romanones times, as in past decades, in politics, even in real politics, there were moral components. Precisely what has been lost in these new times that have turned the policy of the Yankee Empire into frank crime and that the countries I speak of at the beginning of this article practice with it. In that, Romanones should be corrected, because the middle term has disappeared and only the two extremes remain. Bush II already said in 2001 that those who were not with the United States were against him, being terrorists who had to be treated as such. So, as happens in today's great politics, but not only in it, the only thing that counts is that it is a closed struggle for power in which there are only friends and enemies.

Thus, for the United States and its accomplices there is no group of countries and governments to which justice is owed because there are only friends and enemies and in those cases, without knowing it, as they show at every step, they follow the Count of Romanones. Biden is a clear example. There is no way to fool yourself or get your hopes up. With the Empire and its combo of wealthy European accomplices, which includes the Zionist state of Israel, there are only friends and enemies, defined by them. Thus, each group knows what it is up to, the ass, or the ass, and they have no other possibility than to prepare for it and act accordingly.


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