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Scientists expect rare explosion in space before September 2024

The phenomenon could be observed from Earth even with the naked eye and would help obtain new data about the processes occurring in the universe.

NASA scientists assure that before September 2024 a rare phenomenon will occur in the sky that could be observed from Earth even with the naked eye, and that would help obtain new data on the processes that occur in the universe.

Information indicates that in the constellation of Coronae Borealis, more than 2 light years away, the collapsed star T Coronae Borealis (T CrB) is lurking, preparing for an explosion that would make it one of the brightest objects in the sky night for a while. This explosion would provide the astronomers the opportunity to collect data on a type of exploding star called a classical new star.

According to the agency's review Sputnik, this occurs only once every 80 years, and the last explosion occurred in 1946, which is why the recurrent T CrB nova is believed to be about to explode again.

“There are some periodic new stars with very short cycles, but we don't tend to see repeated flares very often in a person's lifetime, and it's rare for them to occur so close to our system,” explains NASA astronomer Rebecca Hounsell.

The T CrB nova belongs to a peculiar type of star and is what determines that it explodes repeatedly and as planned, the experts clarify. It is a binary star system containing the remains of the collapsed core of a Sun-like star, called a white dwarf, and a red giant companion.

Over the past decade, astronomers have observed the binary system behaving similarly to how it did before the 1946 explosion. In particular, a decrease in brightness heralds the proximity of an eruption. The analysis suggests that it could occur very soon, before September 2024, experts summarize.

However, it is not possible to completely predict the behavior of such objects.


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