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What does Chuao cocoa taste like?

The only one with denomination of origin, this cocoa from Chuao is among one of the most valued in the world for its fruity flavors.

The flavor of one of the cocoas most demanded by chocolate and bar chocolatiers is perceived by Winder Aché, one of the partners of Empresa Campesina Chuao, and Edith Rosales, financial director of the marketer Chuao Trading, as a mixture of the best fruits of the region.

“Chuao cocoa is like a mixture, just as our ancestors have been, we are a mixture of white, black, and zambo. And so is Chuao cocoa. Chuao cocoa has a little bit of the cocoa that is found in all of Venezuela," said Aché, consulted by PuroChocolate.

“We have fruity flavors. The Trinidadian tastes like mamón, cambur, soursop. The Outsider has those fruity flavors with a hint of acidity, but a savory tartness. And the Venezuelan, which has a more fruity flavor, tastes like mamón, mango, like those fruits that are in the town,” he added.

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