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The white that makes your mouth water: with sarapia and cloves

This combination from the Petra chocolate shop won the best bar with natural flavors in the 2022 National Chocolate Contest

White chocolate could not have a better combination, that of sarrapia, our tasty and aromatic Venezuelan vanilla, together with cloves, always present in the Venezuelan confectionery of our nation.

Recipe that came up with the Barlovento artisan chocolate house Petra, who played it with this balanced game of flavors in the National Chocolate Contest that took place during the Expoferia Cacao y Ron Miranda 2022.

For the origin chocolate category with natural flavors, the chocolate house Petra entered its still unknown white chocolate bars flavored with tassel and cloves, Prima; and milk chocolate flavored with lemon balm and toronjil, Cruzado, from its line of chocolates Culo e´puya, to compete.

Resulting to her surprise, winner of the first and second place in this category for these two delicacies; the first place for its white chocolate bar with sarrapia and cloves, and the second for the milk chocolate with lemon balm and sarrapia.

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  1. Congratulations for raising our Venezuelan cacao, the best. Because Venezuela has it all, we must praise what is ours.

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