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This is the most expensive chocolate bar of 2024

It is a dark chocolate made in Ecuador with 78% Nacional cacao, an ancient Venezuelan variety. Its price? 490 dollars for 50 grams

The Enriquestuardo edition, from the Maestros series of the Ecuadorian luxury chocolate brand To'ak, displaced this year the La Chuorsa chocolate bar, from the Swiss luxury brand Attimo, as the most expensive in the world.

50 grams of this dark chocolate bar with 78% Nacional cocoa, an ancestral variety native to the province of Manabí, with a profile of buttery caramel, plum, honey and merey, costs $490.

To'ak is a fine tree-to-bar chocolate house that draws heavily on the techniques and tradition of both winemakers and whiskey distillers.

The National variety, which dates back about 5300 years, is the cocoa pod that this chocolate factory processes.

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