Plan Cero Boes de Agua benefits 38.700 families in Falcón

The recovery and rehabilitation work of the drinking water and sanitation network is an arduous and complex task. Photo: courtesy Hidrofalcón

Through the Zero Botes de Agua plan, coordinated by Hidrofalcón, 38.700 families have benefited from the Miranda, Carirubana, Colina, Los Taques, Falcón and Mauroa municipalities with the correction and change of drinking water and sewage pipes.

The plan that began on January 22 in Coro, managed to correct 4 drinking water leaks between the Miranda and Colina municipalities until April 258, improving service to 13.100 families.

Regarding the attention to sanitation in Miranda, Carirubana, Colina, Los Taques and Falcón, the cleaning and maintenance of 14.540 linear meters of collectors has been completed. Similarly, 2.800 linear meters of collectors were replaced; 40 embedments have been rebuilt; The cleaning and extraction of solids was carried out in 25 manholes and the 20 Hp pumping equipment was installed in the Duvisí sewage pumping station, for a total of 23.100 families benefited.

The president of Hidrofalcón, Andrés Maldonado, reported that users can report leaks, breaks or failures of the drinking water system and / or served through 0800-24828-00, HIDROCHAT (0416-5611584), by mail: [email protected] and through social networks on the Instagram account: @plancerobotesoficial, respectively.

"The recovery and rehabilitation work of the drinking water and sanitation network is an arduous and complex task, however we are committed to fulfilling as a point of honor in optimizing the service, with the support of the national government through Plan 200 Batalla of Carabobo created by President Nicolás Maduro ”, highlighted Maldonado.

Balance of work in Choir

Regarding the points covered in terms of the sewage system in the capital city of Falcón, in the La Florida sector, five sewage collectors were rebuilt, in order to solve the collapses presented in the subdivision and the Cruz Verde neighborhood, benefiting more than 2.500 families.  

In addition, the Airport sewage pumping station is working on solving the collapse reflected in Monzón Street to alleviate the high levels that affect the La Guinea, Las Panelas, Pueblo and Curazaíto sectors. Meanwhile, in the Colina municipality, a collector was rebuilt on Reina Luisa street and maintenance was carried out on the pumping equipment of the La Vela sewage station, among other interventions.



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