San Felipe has its special square to preserve Christmas traditions

The Plaza Sucre de San Felipe, Yaracuy state, located in the municipality of Independencia has become the favorite place in the city to share with family and friends the days before Christmas.

In the place, street theater groups, musical groups and recreational activities are presented, all following the fulfillment of strict biosafety protocols to avoid possible contagion of covid-19 and control its spread.

Despite the terrible year that has been lived with the global pandemic of Covid-19, Yaracuyanos try to forget the bad by receiving the days of December with joy and enthusiasm, yes, taking great care to avoid getting this disease.

Monica Arteaga, who this Monday was walking through the square, enjoying the Christmas decorations and the gigantic Christmas tree installed in the place by the Mayor's Office of Independence, commented that in the face of adversity, you have to put a good face and see the future with hope.

“Certainly we have a rather difficult year, with an economic crisis that has us very bad and a pandemic that keeps us in distress, so unfortunately we must say that it has not been good, but that does not have to take away our dreams and hopes that 2021 will be much better ”, highlighted Arteaga with great optimism.

In this square, recreational activities for adults and children will continue, with parties and Christmas bonuses, mainly on weekends, until next January 6 when the traditional dramatization of the arrival of the Three Kings takes place.

For Pedro Fonseca, an inhabitant of the sector and a regular visitor to the square, preserving traditions is essential for the town, for
how much there should be no situation that makes them forget. “Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and that is why we cannot put them aside, not even because of this horrible pandemic. What we must do is take extreme care of ourselves with the mask and alcohol and celebrate them with great care, ”Fonseca stressed.