Surgical days begin with 26 operations in Táchira

San Cristóbal.- From the CDI Dr. Gerson Mancipe in Santa Ana, Córdoba municipality, the surgical sessions of a lesser degree began, benefiting 26 patients who underwent sterilizations and lipomas.

In this regard, Dr. Amelia Fressel, Unique Health Authority in Táchira, stated that "once again thanks to the Revolutionary Government and the push of the protector Freddy Bernal, health is guaranteed to the people."

"Social welfare and health is the priority that we have for all the people of Tachira," said Dr. Fressel.

He added that in these days of lower-grade surgical interventions, Venezuelan doctors, from the Cuban Mission and the Barrio Adentro Mission participate, also reported that they will be carried out throughout the entire geography of Tachi.



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