Valentín Vásquez: I like the investigative journalism of Últimas

Vásquez is divided between the information and his orchards. Photo: Rebeca Viloria

A significant percentage of the Trujillo population still likes to read newspapers. Despite the situation of many regional and national media that migrated to the web due to the country's economic situation, there are also some media that maintain the print and digital binomial, fighting to offer quality information to users.

The announcer and also agricultural producer from Trujillo Valentín Vásquez Cardozo has managed to stay informed through Every morning Vásquez arrives at the Paisana 92.5 FM radio station, located on the first floor of the government palace, and the first thing he does is open the ÚN website, find out about the events reported and create his own opinion of the events.

When asking why you prefer Últimas Noticias the announcer, with more than 30 years of experience, stated that since 1986 when he began to take the first steps in broadcasting, the production of the programs was based on reading the headlines of printed media, as well as the most relevant news .

“From that moment I decided that I would read Últimas Noticias, because it is a very complete newspaper and above all it has been characterized, since its foundation in 1941, by the impartiality and professionalism of the journalists who write for that newspaper, ”he said.

Double V, as he is known in the artistic world, feels identified with the way of doing journalism of the newspaper; however, he commented that technology has changed the way of interviewing the source and expanding the news.

“Years ago, more reports were read, there was more research on some issues of vital importance to ordinary citizens. That street journalism, which went far beyond answering the five key questions, is one of the things that I have admired about ÚN. In addition to his investigative capacity. I admire investigative journalism, "he said.

Valentin made the comparison because he keeps a large number of printed editions in his house, located in Tabor, Pampán municipality, and he was pleased to show the form that this newspaper still maintains, its colors, its cultural and traditional research and the number of pages.

For this radio lover, ÚN is as Venezuelan as a morning coffee with bread. “I believe that it is part of Venezuela, because it has been 80 years at the service of communication, with its positive or negative situations that it may have, according to the criteria of each reader. They are 80 years in the lives of Venezuelans and great stories have been written in these pages, which have left their mark especially in the most popular sector of the country, "he said.

Alternative communication

Vásquez believes in the growth of the newspaper and above all in the interest of seeking multiple ways to reach readers. In this sense, he referred to the El Informante newsletter as an effective communication method, that although he does not have a computer or internet at home, he seeks to stay informed from the comfort of his work, in Paisana FM's on-air studio.

"I lost my email account, I am about to open another to subscribe to this information service offered Últimas Noticias”, He said with sorrow and between laughs.

The state of Trujillo now does not have printed newspapers, therefore, he stated that "I hope this newspaper with national circulation would once again be hung on the state's newsstands and throughout the country."

He stressed that ÚN “needs to get back to Trujillo in print, because many of us do not have smart equipment to read the press. Before, people sat in the courtyard of their house, in the living room and even in the nearest square to read the newspaper. Many of us want to leaf through the pages of a newspaper again ”.


Valentín Vásquez Cardozo is a 55-year-old from Trujillo, married to Victoria de Vásquez. He resides in the Pampán municipality and from a very young age he dedicated himself to working as an announcer in various stations in Trujillo, Zulia and Lara. He is an anchor on the state government station, Paisana 92.5 FM, where he broadcasts a country music program, which airs every Sunday from 12 noon to 2 pm, by telephone. His interest in having his own station led him to found a web radio: W Estéreo, which he could not keep on the air for long, due to various failures with the technical equipment. But Vásquez is not only dedicated to the media.

Another of its activities is agriculture. Two weeks a month, when he is not in his communication work, he dedicates himself to working in his field, in which he has a corn, yucca, and coriander planting. He is also dedicated, together with his brother Yobert Vásquez, to raising sheep and goats. Although he is not a graduate in Social Communication, Vásquez exercises journalism empirically, especially with passion and mystique.



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