Vaccination plan continues to be deployed against covid-19 in the states

Within the framework of the Mass Vaccination Plan against covid-19 that is being developed in all states, the various health teams continue to be deployed in the vaccination centers installed in the entities.

According to a balance provided this Monday, September 27, in Anzoátegui state, some 517.961 people have been immunized from February 22 to date; while in the plain state of Barinas more than 200 thousand people have been immunized.

This was reported by the sole regional health authority, Yemaira Villasmil on Monday who detailed that 25 mass vaccination posts are still active in the state where the biologicals of Chinese origin Sinopharm and Russian Sputnik V are applied.

The regional coordinator of the Barrio Adentro Mission also stressed that the goal to be immunized in Anzoátegui is approximately one million 200 thousand people and that the coverage is 42.66%.

Villasmil announced that another batch of the second component of the Sputnik V vaccine has arrived, which guarantees complete immunization to those who received the first dose of that antigen between the months of May and June.

He said that at the Kléber Ramírez oncology clinic in Barcelona (annexed to the Luis Razetti hospital) they have 25.255 doses and at the Ivss hospital in El Tigre about 19.431 units of the Russian vaccine for the second doses.

He invited those over 19 years of age to go to the vaccination centers set up in the 21 municipalities to get vaccinated, which can do so without having the text message from the homeland platform.

Almost 24 thousand doses of Sputnik V arrived in Barinas 

The governor of the state of Barinas, Argenis Chávez Frías, announced that a batch of 23.945 doses of Sputnik V arrived to advance with the Mass Vaccination Plan against covid-19.

 Through his radio program, Voz Bolivariana, the regional president reported that the application of the second dose of the Russian vaccine began for people who received the first from the month of June.

«People who received the first dose of Sputnik in June should go for the second dose, from today until October 16, at the Dr. Samuel Darío Maldonado Maternal and Child Hospital, "he said.

He mentioned that the aforementioned assistance center extended the hours of attention until Saturdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and that it has the capacity to receive 800 people a day.

He also highlighted that 283.025 vaccines have already been applied in the entity, including 177.338 first dose and 105.687 second dose, both Vero Cell and Sputnik.

More than 17 thousand second doses of Sputnik will be applied in Cojedes

17 second doses of Sputnik V vaccines will be applied in two active mass vaccination points in Cojedes state, one in the Tinaquillo municipality and the other in the capital city San Carlos.

This was reported by Indalecio Sánchez, governor of Cojedes, who together with the health teams supervised the start of the process at the vaccination point located in the Hilanderia sector of the Tinaquillo municipality.

"We continue with the fight against covid, we advance in the vaccination with both drugs, Chinese and Russian, with the clear goal proposed by our president Nicolás Maduro of achieving 70 percent to achieve immunization of the herd," said Sánchez.

Likewise, he informed that the more than 17 thousand Sputnik will be distributed in the Ezequiel Zamora municipalities where more than 12 thousand will be placed, some 3.300 in Tinaquillo and 200 in the Pao municipality, available for the people of Lame who have the second dose pending.

For his part, Manuel Rodríguez, the sole Health authority in Cojedes, added that with this provision, 45 percent of people vaccinated with the first dose and 30 percent of patients with second doses in the Tinaquillo municipality can be exceeded.

In this way, he informed the population that Cojedes is in position 19 for COVID infections, for which he thanked the health teams in the entity who have remained deployed providing care, awareness and guidance in the 9 Cojedeño municipalities.

Finally, Rodríguez reminded the population that despite the vaccines, the guard against the coronavirus should not be lowered, and the protection and biosecurity measures must be kept in mind to advance in the fight against the lethal virus. 

86.155 doses of covid-19 vaccines arrive in Mérida

The Ministry of Popular Power for Health sent 67.845 Chinese Sinopharm vaccines and 18.310 second dose Sputnik V vaccines to the state of Merida, to continue the massive immunization days in the state.

Ramón Nieves, the only health authority in the entity, detailed that this batch of second dose of Sputnik V arrives this Tuesday. "Since the transport made the delivery first to San Cristóbal and then at dawn it will arrive in the city of Merida."

Nieves indicated that the distribution in the Libertador municipality of the second dose of Sputnik will be for the Rafael Antonio Godoy Educational Unit, the Don Tulio Carnevalli Social Security Hospital, and for the Alberto Adriani municipality (El Vigía) the Hugo Chávez Frías University Hospital.

He added that of the 67.845 Chinese Sinopharm vaccines; 40.000 doses will be assigned to the Tovar municipality for the two existing vaccination centers in that emergency zone. While the remaining doses, 27.845, will be distributed in the 29 vaccination centers of the Andean entity.

In Lara, the application of the second dose of Sputnik V began

In Lara, the application of the second dose of the Sputnik V vaccine against covid-19 began, the Secretary of Health of the Government, Javier Cabrera, announced this Monday.

The application of the Russian vaccine takes place at the Juan Daza Pereira hospital, of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (Ivss), and at the headquarters of the Secretariat of Popular Power, both centers located in Barquisimeto, the capital of Lara. AVN press.

He pointed out that more than a million doses of vaccines have been applied in the entity, between Sinopharm and Sputnik-V, in the more than 40 immunization centers and in the 51 itinerant points that are in the communities and public spaces.

"We are focused on completing the vaccination scheme, placing the doses for free and all thanks to the effort and the agreement of the National Government with the sister countries of Russia and China," said Cabrera.

He added that they continue to pay attention to infected patients, who are guaranteed adequate care, putting at the service state-of-the-art beds with mechanical ventilation, intermediate care and high-flow masks.

28 active fixed and mobile vaccination points in Sucre state

In the state of Sucre, 313 thousand 657 people have been vaccinated in the territory, with the objective of achieving the immunization of 70% of the total population.

The information was confirmed by Dr. Pablo Terán, the entity's sole health authority, during a special radio broadcast, moderated by the regional president Edwin Rojas. Where he detailed that 94 vaccines correspond to the immunization of people over 937 years old and 60 people under 218, between the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine and the Chinese Sinopharm, according to a press release from the Sucre state government.

Terán explained that 28 fixed and mobile immunization points have been activated in the state, "with emphasis on places where there is a greater concentration of people, such as shopping centers and land and sea terminals."

He also added that 20 thousand anticovid vaccines are applied daily in the region, with the aim of doubling the immunization capacity in the territory, in addition to holding special days in hard-to-reach communities.

For his part, Governor Rojas urged the health authorities to distribute 5 new vaccines to the 15 municipalities of the territory, to continue advancing with the Mass Vaccination Plan, and made a call to the population that has been immunized with the Russian vaccine to go to the facilities of the Antonio Patricio de Alcalá University Hospital, in Cumaná, to apply the second corresponding dose.

To the Bolivar state l31.000 more doses of Sputnik V were bequeathed 

During the weekend, 31.000 new doses arrived in Bolívar state, reported the sole health authority in the entity, Franklin Frachi, “we left 10 doses at the Public Health Institute in Ciudad Bolívar, in Caroní; Mundo de Sonrisas 15 thousand doses and at the Raúl Leoni hospital, 6 thousand doses ».

Franchi mentioned the strategies implemented to accelerate the application of the second dose. "In order to do everything in an organized way, we convened by dates, seeing that the influx of people was low, and patients came to be vaccinated when they were not due, we were not going to return them, so they received their dose, the intention is to vaccinate to everyone, just by organization we decided to continue with everyone, during the week, including Saturday, "he said.

«We are still very active with the Sinopharm vaccination, there are enough doses for people to go to get vaccinated, our fundamental idea is to vaccinate as soon as possible, at least 70% of the population, to reach what is called immunity herd, however the plan is to try to immunize all the people in Bolívar state.

Let's go home to home

The head of health in the state, assured that they have implemented the house to house to care for people with some type of disability, older adults who cannot move and pregnant women, more than 15 weeks of gestation.

Not only that, "the house-to-house has also helped us to screen patients for the virus who have had respiratory symptoms, as well as their entire family, so that we have the issue of covid under control," he stressed.

The Bolívar state continues with a fairly successful containment, "we advance in vaccination, and we persist that even when they are vaccinated they must comply with biosafety measures, keep a mask, wash their hands, respect the distance, it is very important", asserted the doctor.

Even with the two doses, patients have been infected and can make those who do not yet have the vaccine sick, so it is important to take care of yourself.

Medicines in high demand

Franchi insisted: «Bolívar is free from the Delta Variation, however we know that cases have increased in other states of the country, we have been with a pandemic for a year and a half, and supplies have decreased, a very high number of incomes with health problems, not only with the virus, there are other pathologies that must be addressed.

He explained that they are looking for medicines and supplies, “because the demand is high, to provide all the hospitals in Bolívar state, in addition the ISP also attends and provides the Social Security hospitals, and the outpatient clinics, the provision is for everyone , they run out fast.

With information from the correspondents: Vivian Ariza, Naiyelis Garcés, Alimar Bueno Jiménez, Agusmir Guarache and Ivannia Moreno.



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