Vaccination against covid-19 exceeds 50 thousand immunized in Falcón

The mass vaccination plan against covid-19 in Falcón state has already immunized more than 50 thousand Falconians between the Sputnik-V (Russian) and Sinopharm (Chinese) vaccines in the five authorized points. 

The information was provided by the entity's epidemiologist, Dr. Michel Cepeda, who specified that since last week they began to place the second doses corresponding to those who were placed with Sinopharm.

He expressed that in Falcón the elderly are the group of the population that was immunized with Sputnik-V and is attended exclusively by the voting center located at the Alfredo Van Grieken University Hospital in Coro due to the preservation requirements of the vaccine.

Cepeda indicated that in the Colina municipality (Iremer Jiménez Gym) and in the Falcón municipality (Coto Paul School in Pueblo Nuevo) these points recently opened to serve the nearby population, so he assured that they are about to announce new points in other jurisdictions.

The doctor pointed out that from 8:00 am they are active to receive the people summoned by the Patria System by a multidisciplinary group made up of the Ministry of Health, epidemiology, students from the University of Health Sciences (UCS), promotion social, Red Cross, gerontologists and the People's Guard.

Care process.

Cepeda said that simultaneously they serve citizens "who come for the first dose and those who are entitled to the second dose."

Those who attend for the first time, they request the identity card to verify their appointment according to the database provided by the Patria System, then they proceed to fill out the vaccination card and go to the area where they are vaccinated, but not before receiving the indications of the process, if you have any pathology, you are medically evaluated and allowed to leave.

To those who go for the second dose, they also present their identity card with the vaccination card, verify the dates and proceed to place the vaccine.



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