Tuyeros celebrated beatification of the Doctor of the Poor

Tuyeros celebrated the beatification of the "doctor of the poor." Photos: Courtesy Feliciano Sequera.

Authorities of the Cristóbal Rojas municipality, Miranda state, raised as Ecclesiastical Heritage the chapel of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández, located in the Pueblo Abajo sector, in front of the La Silsa Redoma in Charallave. The declaration was established, this Friday, in Municipal Decree No. HM-004-2021 signed by Mayor Humberto Marte Tejada.

The legal instrument states that a sanctuary of 20 meters in front by 15 meters deep will be built in the chapel. There the life and work of the Venezuelan blessed will be disseminated.

It was the responsibility of the general director of the Mayor's Office of Cristóbal Rojas, Oscar Valladares, to make the formal delivery of the chapel of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández, to the representatives of the Catholic Church Santa Rosa de Lima, in Charallave.

During his speech, Valladares stated that what is happening this Friday in Venezuela is a historical and religious event. “We are the center of the world. Thank God for having among us a person like José Gregorio Hernández, who has been a blessing for his family, his people, for Venezuela and the world, ”he said.

In the Los Samanes sector, a health center will be established, with the name of the Venezuelan doctor, to assist families in vulnerable conditions. 

For his part, José de Jesús Martínez, priest of the Santa Rosa de Lima ecclesiastical parish, pointed out that “today (Friday) we have strongly affirmed the faith of the people and the hope of this people who want and need to be in good health. With this act of beatification a light emerges in the midst of so many problems and the pandemic ”. He assured that, in the company of the faithful, he will ensure the maintenance and security of the religious complex. 

Tuyeros gathered to pray for the beatification of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández


On the outskirts of the Catholic churches and Marian shrines located in the six municipalities of the Valles del Tuy, under the biosafety protocols, the devotees concentrated with portraits of the Saint and the Venezuelan flag to observe the national broadcast of the beatification ceremony.

Meanwhile, the masses in the local temples were broadcast, in the afternoon, by social networks of the ecclesiastical parishes and radio stations of each municipality of Tuy. 

Images of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández traveled through the main streets and avenues of the towns.



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