They distribute fuel in Trujillo during the radical week

Photo: referential

From 7:00 in the morning to one in the afternoon, 21 service stations are open per day in Trujillo state, to supply fuel - gasoline and diesel - to vehicles not only in the prioritized sectors but also in other areas.

Despite the radical quarantine being maintained for the third consecutive week in the country, last Wednesday the governor, Henry Rangel Silva, agreed that the service stations supply fuel to both prioritized sectors and individuals, taking into account the biosafety measures for the prevention of covid-19.

“This week I have agreed to make the sale and distribution of fuel in a large part of the service stations during the radical quarantine, in each of the municipalities of the entity. I understand that the Trujillanos require fuel to supply their vehicles, to be able to move during the radical and flexible week, "he said.

Rangel Silva asked the commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone (Zodi) G / D, Giancarlo Delfino López, and the commander of the State Police Armed Forces (Fapet), Germán Ojeda, to monitor compliance with prevention measures pandemic at every gas station.

For the supply of fuel it was known that the Zodi divided the state into four axes: Central (Trujillo capital, Pampanito and Pampán), Central (Valera, Carvajal, Escuque and Motatán), Montaña (Boconó, Carache, Urdaneta) and Panamericano; in addition, it activated per day, until Saturday April 10, 21 service stations with the exception of Sunday April 11, which will open 19 stations.

It is expected that by Monday when the week of flexibilization begins again, as part of the national 7 + 7 scheme, the more than 55 service stations that exist in the Trujillo state will be reactivated, in order to favor the general population.



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