Art exhibition in honor of José Gregorio Hernández inaugurated in Isnotú

The exhibition will be available to the public in the weeks of relaxation. Photos: Courtesy of the Niño Jesús de Isnotú Sanctuary

This Saturday the permanent exhibition "Art, Popular Creativity and Devotion to the Venerable" was inaugurated at the Niño Jesús Shrine and Dr. José Gregorio Hernández in Isnotú, Betijoque municipality of Trujillo state.

Through a press bulletin issued by the Diocesan Commission, it was reported that this exhibition has hundreds of popular works taken by the devotees, as well as the sample of the giant mosaic to the Venerable by the artist Luis Enrique Mogollón.

“Oil paintings, wood works, sculptures, images of the Venerable, models, offerings and thank you plaques made by the families are organized and distributed throughout the space. In the center of the room a kind of square was recreated that recalls, with the green of the plants, the old space that was in the sanctuary. There is a life-size image of the Venerable where visitors can take pictures in front of a beautiful model of the temple ”, the bulletin reports.

The program was organized by the parish and the Local Committee for Beatification; During the inauguration, the priests José Magdaleno Álvarez and Mervin Fuentes, the Missionary Sisters of Christ the Mediator, the Larean artist Luis Mogollón, the culture subcommittee and a small group of local parishioners were present.

"The invitation remains open so that all those who visit the Shrine, during the weeks of relaxation, can enjoy a very pleasant space that everywhere expresses love and devotion to the Doctor of the Poor and an exemplary Christian", highlights the bulletin.

Meanwhile, the rector of the Niño Jesús Shrine, Father José Magdaleno Álvarez, pointed out that even in the midst of the pandemic, these initiatives are part of the Trujillo pro beatification plan, which includes several stages around the ecclesiastical event scheduled for April 30.

“The Diocese of Trujillo and the children of this region have longed for this moment, that is why we are working hard so that acts worthy of who we are and have contributed to Venezuela are carried out on our soil, such as the person and the immense human work and spirituality of Dr. Hernández, who not only was born here but also received from these homes the fundamental values ​​of family and life, which would later serve him to do what he did for the country and the Church, ”Álvarez pointed out.

It should be noted that this exhibition is carried out in compliance with biosecurity measures to prevent covid-19 in the Sanctuary's parochial theater and will be available to the public in the weeks of flexibility.



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