Ruta Tricolor recovered spaces and facades in the Tinaco municipality

45 facades of houses, a Health Center, schools and sports spaces were recovered in the Orupe sector of the Tinaco municipality, in Cojedes state, through the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor (Gmbnbt).

A total of 656 families from the El Indio, El Alba and Orupe communities were favored with this relaunch of the GMBNBT and the development of its vertex "Ruta Tricolor", which includes the formation of Communal Brigades of Work and Production (Bricotp).

This was announced by Indalecio Sánchez, Secretary General of the Government of the Cojedes state, who in the company of G / D César Oliveros, deputy secretary of the Gmbnbt, detailed that different tool kits and equipment were delivered to the Bricotp to strengthen the development of their works.

Sánchez stressed that these works are loves, and that the revolution continues to work to meet the most heartfelt needs of the people; He also praised the organization of the communities, which contributed to the improvement of spaces for living well.

Lucy Travieso, a resident of the Orupe sector, thanked the authorities for the improvement of the spaces and assured that they remain organized from the territory, working in unity to combat the economic war and imperial sanctions.

During the day, a transformer was repaired, wiring was installed and lighting improvements were made, and sports equipment was delivered to the youth of the community.

Different kits of tools and equipment were delivered to the Bricotp to strengthen the development of their work.


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