Three hospitals in Anzoátegui are repowering with medical supplies

They delivered medicines and biosafety equipment

The Anzoátegui State Corporation (Corpoanzoátegui) provided different supplies and surgical material to three state hospitals, within the framework of strengthening the public health system to combat the pandemic.

The deputy to the National Assembly and political protector of the entity, Luis José Marcano, made the delivery in the Pedro Gómez Rolingson hospitals of the Píritu municipality, the Darío Vivas hospitalization center of the Peñalver municipality and Felipe Guevara Rojas of the Simón Rodríguez municipality.

The Type I hospital in Piritu was equipped with medicines and biosafety equipment as part of the actions for the care of covid-19 patients and "for the protection of health personnel who are on the front line of combat of the pandemic", explained the sole health authority in the state that accompanied the legislator, Yemaira Villasmil.

Marcano explained that they brought gloves, syringes, oxygen masks, urine collection bags, ringer, gauze, gloves, sutures, blood pressure monitors and face masks to that hospital.

While for the care of patients in the hospitalization center Darío Vivas de Puerto Piritu, Peñalver municipality, medicines and biosafety equipment were also delivered.

Marcano also visited the sentinel hospital of the Simón Rodríguez municipality to deliver flumiter, surgical gowns, ringers, injectable solutions, sodium chloride, ivermectin, gloves and face masks, among other medical, surgical and biosafety supplies, and announced the expansion of the area covid with eight new beds in that health center.

The parliamentarian added that to maintain the oxygen capacity in that hospital in El Tigre, they established alliances with the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana.

On the other hand, and in order to recondition the CDI Roque Dalton spaces, in the same city, five air conditioning units were delivered (2 of 18 thousand BTUs and 3 of 12 thousand BTUs), 9 paint cans and 17 rolls of asphalt blanket.

The protector of Anzoátegui called on the public to faithfully comply with the biosecurity measures, among which the following stand out: washing hands, maintaining social distancing and using a mask to reduce the chances of new outbreaks.



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