They rehabilitate 68 schools in La Guaira

63 Canaimas tablets were given to the students of the English course of the high school Juan José Mendoza (Caraballeda) and José María España (Macuto).

Around 68 schools in La Guaira will be rehabilitated by teams from the Foundation for School Buildings (Fede); the regional and municipal governments; and the communities, as part of the "A Drop of Love for my School" program, which is run by the Ministry of Education.

“The works that are being done are: painting, fixing the bathrooms, tables, chairs, desks, doors and the kitchens. We are evaluating according to the complexity of each campus. We are progressively selecting many more, ”said Yelitze Santaella, Minister of Education, during a tour of the Juan José Mendoza Educational Unit, in Caraballeda, La Guaira state.

He explained that the Ministry provides the necessary materials and parents and representatives, in their free time, are doing the work. "This in order to start the year with an adequate infrastructure to receive students and provide the best care."

During the rehabilitation day at the Juan José Mendoza high school, classrooms, electrical systems, tables and chairs were repaired, by the special work brigade of the Vargas mayor's office, which estimates to repair some 10.000 desks in the selected schools.

Daniel Hernández, director of the La Guaira Educational Zone, indicated that the August Bicentennial Open Schools Plan is serving more than 300 students in the five established centers: Juan José Mendoza, in Caraballeda; José María España, in Macuto; Meseta de Mamo and Liceo Narciso Gonell, Catia la Mar, and in Urban Planning Hugo Chávez, Urimare.

During the day, the provision of materials and supplies for the second phase of rehabilitation of schools was carried out, as well as the delivery of 63 Canaimas tablets to the students of the English course of the Juan José Mendoza high school (Caraballeda) and José María España (Macuto )


Likewise, in La Guaira, the second phase of vaccination against covid-19 will begin this Saturday for educators from the Central Coast, including administrative personnel and workers, announced the head of the Educational Zone of La Guaira, Daniel González.

He said that there will be more than a thousand workers who will be vaccinated in three points arranged in the Republic of Panama schools in La Guaira, Republic of El Salvador in Maiquetía and in the José María Vargas High School of the Carlos Soublette parish, between 8 am to 12 pm. 



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