Rehabilitated 32 health centers in Barinas

In the 12 municipalities of the state, popular clinics have been recovered and equipped with equipment

A total of 32 health centers have been rehabilitated in the state of Barinas with the aim of guaranteeing care and strengthening the public healthcare system.

The information was given by Governor Argenis de Jesús Chávez, who highlighted that medical supplies and equipment have been provided to popular clinics, as well as to Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers, outpatient clinics and hospitals.

He expressed that areas of the health centers have been recovered to guarantee primary care in the communities and decongest the Dr. Luis Razetti Hospital.

"In the 12 municipalities we have provided supplies and equipment such as nebulizers, thermometers, stethoscopes and in some cases we have delivered air conditioners to improve the public health network," explained Chávez.

He stressed that in a coordinated way with the national government, the works for the rehabilitation of the eight operating rooms in the state were completed, as well as the Razetti Obstetric Emergency and the mammography center that was inaugurated in the Antonio José de Sucre municipality hospital.



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