The Water Route activates the community aqueduct in the Mara municipality

The water route activated a rural community aqueduct from the Ciénaga de Reyes indigenous community

In the Mara municipality in Zulia state, the water route activated a rural community aqueduct from the Ciénaga de Reyes indigenous community, where four submersible equipment was delivered to the Los Mecoques, Garza Blanca, La Venezuelan, Guareira Centro and Guareira communities. II, where 1.209 families will be benefited, with an investment of 40 billion bolivars for the consolidation of public services. 

«We continue working on the Water Route from the Ciénaga de Reyes community, the Bolivarian Government of President Nicolás Maduro, the Ministry of Popular Power for the Attention of Waters, the Government of Zulia and the Mayor's Office of Mara, together with the technical water table of the community, we are inaugurating this aqueduct number 11 in the Mara municipality ", said the mayor of the Mara municipality, Luis Caldera,

Caldera explained that the delivery includes pumping equipment, electrification works to obtain water for dual purposes, one for human consumption and the other for planting and short-cycle cultivation such as beans, corn, cassava; as well as the plan for sheep and goats that is being carried out by the Mayor's Office of Mara.

Caldera reported that the Water Route will continue to inaugurate and deliver aqueducts to communities of El Taladro, La Atuja, San Luis La Esperanza and Los Lechosos Bolivariano, among others.

On the other hand, the mayor of Mara, inspected the work for the start-up of the Garza Blanca Pumping Station which is 600 meters from the main pipeline with a 4-kilometer coverage, benefiting the residents of the Mi Esperanza sectors, Pozo Último, La Venezuelan and Garza Blanca. 

"We remain on track so that at the end of this year, with victory and consolidation of work, our communities continue to expand their coverage to drinking water, which complements all the plans for health and life that the Bolivarian Government executes," Caldera said.



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