Teacher vaccination advances in the regions

Following the guidelines of the National Executive to combat the new coronavirus, the deployment of vaccines in the different regions of the country continues to immunize workers in the education sector.

Guárico teachers receive the first dose

In Guárico state, the first phase of immunization of teaching staff against covid-19 began in 4 activated points in the municipalities of Juan Germán Roscio Nieves, Leonardo Infante, Francisco de Miranda and José Tadeo Monagas, where more than 1.800 doses of the vaccine China will be supplied.

In San Juan de los Morros, Yari Hernández - a teacher at the Figueredo Brito Figueroa Basic School - was the first to receive the first dose for this sector and expressed her satisfaction and gratitude for the policies implemented to guarantee the immunization of education personnel. , ensuring that soon with the eradication of the pandemic the schools will reopen their doors.

In this context, the governor of the Llanera entity, José Vásquez, pointed out that the Guárico educational system has more than 24.000 workers who will be progressively immunized by the next reception of the respective doses announced by the president.

Vásquez said that each of the workers will be included in this process, through the coordination of the Institute of Social Security and Assistance for the Personnel of the Ministry of Education (Ipasme) together with the team of the Regional Health Directorate. The articulation will be carried out to guarantee the success and complete approach of the journey towards the educational personnel. “We are satisfied, happy and it is a job with the entire health team in coordination with each of the directors to serve the educational system.

During the process, the personnel are verified in the system, determining their link to the ministry of education, later a medical evaluation is carried out and finally the vaccine is placed, delivering the respective card.

Yaracuy has 2 doses

This Wednesday the teachers' vaccination phase began in Yaracuy state, with the application of the first 2.000 doses for educators in six prioritized municipalities: San Felipe, Independencia, Cocorote, Bruzual, Nirgua and Peña.

The president of the Yaracuy State Health Corporation (Corposalud), Ramón Trejo, reported that 300 teachers will be served daily at different times at the headquarters of the Institute of Social Security and Assistance of the Ministry of Education (Ipasme), in San Felipe, Until next monday.

This Wednesday corresponded to the educators of San Felipe, on Thursday Independence, Friday Cocorote, Saturday Bruzual and Monday Peña. Nirgua has its own headquarters for Ipasme and there the meeting will be held on Friday.

The vaccine, in this case of Chinese origin, is administered to teachers, administrative workers and school workers, as well as to processing mothers who work in the School Feeding program.

He mentioned that the goal is to eventually vaccinate the 12.000 officials who provide services in schools, high schools and educational institutions of the 14 municipalities of the entity.

Barinas teachers are immunized with Vero Cell

As part of the National Immunization Plan against covid-19, this Wednesday the vaccination of educational personnel began in Barinas state. The first teacher to be vaccinated in the Llanera entity was Melida Barreto from the Juan Andrés Varela school.

The conference was held from the headquarters of the Institute of Social Security and Assistance for the Personnel of the Ministry of Education (Ipasme) in the city of Barinas, where Governor Argenis Chávez accompanied by the regional head of the Educational Zone, Mirla Castellanos, and the Health authorities came to supervise compliance with the protocols established by the national government.

Chávez explained that in this phase 1.730 teachers, 106 administrative personnel, 100 cook mothers, 32 workers and 33 Ipasme workers will be immunized, for a total of 2.001 doses.

He explained that the Chinese Vero Cell vaccine will also be applied to 1.249 men and women who work in the Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers.

The regional president stressed that in a coordinated manner with the national Executive, efforts are being made to gradually guarantee that the entire population is vaccinated.

Vaccination of the education sector begins in Mérida

With 2.000 Sinopharm vaccines, this Wednesday the immunization process against Covid 19 began in the education sector in the state of Mérida, complying with the guidelines of the national Executive. On the first day, 47 institutions of the Libertador municipality were summoned, declared the director of Ipasme Manuel Aldana.

Aldana specified that the distribution of the 2.000 vaccines in this first phase was 1.000 doses assigned to the Libertador municipality; 500 for the jurisdiction of Tovar and 500 for the Campo Elías municipality. These will be applied to the academic, administrative and worker personnel of the educational sector of the Merida entity.

On the day of initiation of immunization of teachers in the Libertador municipality, Aldana added that a tour of five areas was designed to comply with the procedure.

“From the Rafael Antonio Godoy Basic School they drew up several areas to comply with the biosafety protocols: a waiting area, followed by a check-up, then an information area and, later, the vaccine is applied. In the event of any reaction, there is an observation room ”, highlighted Aldana.

In addition, the representative of Ipasme Mérida clarified, teachers who correspond to the age group between 19 and 59 years of age, who also have two chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, among others) or respiratory diseases, were prioritized. He pointed out that "mothers who are breastfeeding or people who have already contracted the virus, but have not completed three months since their medical discharge, should not be vaccinated."

For her part, Gioconda Rojas, belonging to the Ipasme staff, reiterated her confidence in the Sinopharm vaccine received for the fight against Covid-19. "It was a quick process and complying with all biosafety protocols," added the worker from the education sector.

With information from the correspondents Angelo Navarro, Carlos Vielma, Naiyelis Garcés and Agusmir Guarache



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