The Nazareno de Achaguas will travel the town by car

Photo: Archive

The Apure state began the Easter season adjusting to the measures directed by the national executive to comply with a radical quarantine to reduce the spread of covid-19; that this March 29 registered the highest peak of the pandemic with 1.288 infections, the highest figure since the first case of the New coronavirus appeared in the country.

In the case of religious activities in churches, sanctuaries and cathedrals, they will be carried out in strict compliance with biosafety measures, among which are the low crowding of people, the use of masks, social distancing and the use of alcohol and antibacterials. Masses will be held in some shrines via Facebook Live.

The llanera entity is known in the Easter season for its Catholic tradition with the Nazareno de Achaguas, who every year receives thousands of devotees from different corners of the country to give thanks for the favors conceived by the Patron Saint of the Apureños.

This year, due to the biosecurity protocols to avoid contagion of the New coronavirus pandemic, the Jesús de Nazareno de Achaguas National Sanctuary opens its doors to receive a small group of parishioners, imposing the biosecurity protocol at all times.

The mayor of the Achaguas municipality, Daniel Nieves, reported: “We have a very simple and modest schedule to venerate our employer, respecting the imposed measures. We want the tradition to be maintained in our town and that is why we have organized, hand in hand with the ecclesiastical authorities, a series of activities, where on Wednesday we will take the Nazareno from Achaguas in the afternoon in his car so that the inhabitants can appreciate it in an organized way without any crowding. This tour will be through the main streets of the town ”.

Nieves also stressed that on Good Friday “we will be transmitting the national tour of the 7 temples via digital, an activity directed by the Ministry of Tourism. This in order that citizens maintain the religious traditions of this season and can appreciate it through social networks ".

To conclude, the mayor stated that a serenade to the patron saint is planned: “every year we carry out this beautiful act where different llaneros singers participate and where all the locals and visitors of this season join; but this time we will do it adapting to the current situation where a singer will sing a song to our Patron, adjusting to the biosafety protocols ”.



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