The miracle drops keep coming to the regions

The antiviral Carvativir - also known as “The Miraculous Drops of Dr José Gregorio Hernández - continues to be distributed in all public health centers in the country as part of the fight against the second wave of the new Coronavirus.

2.164 bottles of Carvativir arrive in Monagas

A total of 2.164 vials of the antiviral Carvativir arrived in Monagas state to be distributed in the health centers of the entity, as reported by Joselín López, regional coordinator of the Barrio Adentro Mission. 

The doctor specified that 300 units of the drug will be delivered in the 19 Comprehensive Community Health Areas (ASIC), while 864 are distributed in the healthcare centers that make up the Hospital Network of the region.

López pointed out that this endowment corresponds to a first delivery, since the shipment of another four thousand bottles of the "Miracle Drops" is expected to be equally distributed.

At the Hospital Universitario y Centinela “Dr. Manuel Núñez Tovar ”(HUMNT) from Maturín, 150 vials of Carvativir were delivered as part of the treatment indicated to hospitalized patients in the Covid-19 Room. 

In this sense, José Gabriel Sequea, deputy director of the Núñez Tovar hospital (HUMNT) highlighted that Carvativir is a medicine that has demonstrated its high antiviral capacity to block the coronavirus: “it is a product of the ingenuity of the doctors of the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC), which is used in patients to help them fight the SARS-CoV-2 infection ”.

Sequea argued that the "Miraculous Droplets of José Gregorio Hernández", as presented by President Nicolás Maduro, in the investigations carried out by Venezuelan scientists, had a high effectiveness in its components and its action in cells infected with SARS-CoV-2, achieving 100 percent neutralization of the coronavirus.

The deputy director of the Maturín hospital indicated the drug can be administered to patients of all ages and in any of the phases of the disease, “in patients 12 years and older, they can ingest 10 to 15 drops under the tongue every eight hours and in infants it can go from two to six drops ”.

The first units of Carvativir arrived in the Valles del Tuy

The Areas of Comprehensive Community Health (Asic) of the Valles del Tuy, Miranda state, already have the first batch of the miraculous drops of carvativir for the care of patients with covid-19 detained in the sentinel centers distributed in the six Miranda municipalities .

The distribution and supply of the drug to patients with coronavirus was supervised by María Jiménez, Socialist Inspector of the Office of the Presidency, in compliance with the orders issued by the National Executive. Dr. Luzvic López, Director of Health at Tomás Lander, said that the The municipality already has the first 240 units of Carvativir, whose "complementary antiviral will be used in patients who fight against the coronavirus."

He asserted that the first doses are sheltered in the Parosca Integral Diagnostic Center, from where the distribution will be made in the population that presents in viruses. He made available the telephone number 0239-2250892 of the Situation Room for the attention of Covid-19 in the jurisdiction to report and receive guidance. 

In Cristóbal Rojas, the first 240 doses of the drug reached the CDI Mamá Pancha de Charallave. In Paz Castillo, the Asic Macuto staff received three boxes containing 240 units of carvativir and in Simón Bolívar the 240 doses were taken to the CDI San Antonio de Yare.

Ismael Capinel, mayor of Independencia, said that the municipality received 520 doses of the miraculous drops from Dr. José Gregorio Hernández, which will be applied to positive patients admitted to health centers in Terese. "I applaud the work of each of those who have been at the forefront, as well as those who have stayed at home, because it is everyone's task and it is essential to defeat Covid-19," he said.

He explained that 240 doses were taken to the CDI of El Cartanal, 240 to the CDI of Dos Lagunas and 240 to the CDI Las Flores. "The Tahay health hotel is the only one that receives positive cases from all sectors of the municipality and these patients are guaranteed treatment." 

In the Rafael Urdaneta municipality, 450 carvativir was distributed in the Comprehensive Community Health Areas (Asic), Transporte and Lecumberry, as well as Pasi Cristóbal Rojas de Cúa, which are isolation centers and care for active and asymptomatic patients, said Mireya Quevedo, director from Asic de Lecumberry.

Second batch of Carvativir arrives in Delta Amacuro

This Wednesday, with the arrival of 800 vials of the antiviral Carvativir, there are already 1.056 units that began to be distributed in all hospitals in the Delta Amacuro state, as reported by Governor Lizeta Hernández.

“We are grateful that the miraculous gothic are arriving that bear the name of our saint José Gregorio Hernández, the doctor of the poor. That is why today we are delivering to all state health centers, sentinels, to the IDUs, these goths that go under the tongue in patients with symptoms. Whether it is confirmed or suspected of carrying the Coronavirus, this Venezuelan medicine must be placed, which is already in our hands and in the heart of the deltans, ”said the regional president.

For her part, Dr. Yajaira Segovia, head of the Regional Health Directorate, reported that each dropper is for a patient, of which a proper record of its evolution must be kept. He clarified that all the medications they are using seek to minimize the symptoms of this disease, for which he made a call to continue complying with the biosafety measures established by the authorities.

In Crespo, Lara state, they received the Carvativir

The Mayor of the Crespo Municipality (Duaca), Leida Quero, confirmed the arrival of a batch of Carvativir also known as "The miraculous drops of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández", at the main health center of the town of Crespo.

He explained that the governor, Adolfo Pereira, managed the endowment for the type two ambulatory in Licua, located in the Freitez parish.

He reported that thanks to the massive distribution approved by President Nicolás Maduro, the antiviral will be used as a prophylactic treatment to strengthen health and as a therapeutic treatment for asymptomatic, mild, moderate and severe cases of covid 19.

With information from the correspondents Greissy Marcano, Airamy Carreño, Leylianith Cedeño and Carmen Luzardo



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