La Guaira celebrates its day with a civic-military parade

Minister of Defense received the Keys to the city. Photo: Jesús Gazzaneo

Guaireños, security forces, health personnel and institutions, paraded this February 28, to commemorate for the second time, the day of the La Guaira state, after having changed its name in 2019.

Governor Jorge Luis García Carneiro led the civic-military parade held on José María España avenue, Caraballeda parish, together with the mayor of Vargas, José Alejandro Terán, the Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino López and the main rector of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Indira Alfonzo. 

The parade commemorates the 260 years since the birth of José María España, precursor of the pre-independence movement of Venezuela, who was a recognized leader, military and political, and who together with Manuel Gual led the movement called "The Conspiracy of Gual and Spain" , so his birth was taken as a state day, after the change of name from Vargas state to La Guaira state, in order to give him honors.

During the day, cultural manifestations of the region, school musical bands, regional and municipal government workers were present. The beginning was a representation of what was the Conspiracy of Gual and Spain, with the staging of emblematic figures in the history of the country. 

Governor García Carneiro and Mayor Terán handed over the keys to the City to Minister Padrino López and conferred the Gual and Spain Order to the rector of the CNE, Indira Alfonzo and health personnel, who received an ovation in recognition of their work, their professionalism and vocation of service before the covid-19 pandemic.



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