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Apureño teachers join the celebrations framed in their day

The House of Culture Don Rómulo Gallegos, in the municipality of San Fernando, served as the setting for the activities framed in Teacher's Day.

Educators and the general public enjoyed an artistic exhibition in honor of Professor Pedro Reina, with a marked career in painting.

The activity was organized by the Educational Zone, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture of the Apureña entity, and had great receptivity.

Rafael Mota, Secretary of Culture of Apure state, offered information about the meeting. «The presentation of small papers was carried out with the significant experiences that educators have had in this pandemic situation that they have had to live and that education has had to adapt in different stages: such as primary, secondary, diversified and university; in the last two years," he said.

Likewise, the educational authorities reported that the renowned «Teaching Voice» was resumed, a contest that had not been held in Apure state for many years and where it is estimated that more than 30 regional teachers will participate.

The governor of the Apure state, Eduardo Piñate, was present at the regional Magisterial Voice 2022, framed on Teacher's Day, and gave his opinion on the objective of these meetings. "We must promote education and culture, it is a priority for the construction of Apure large, prosperous and productive," he exclaimed.