Teachers from 10 Aragueño municipalities have received their anti-covid vaccine

They make efforts to achieve vaccination in the 18 municipalities that make up the geography of the state of Aragua

Workers in the education sector, including managerial, administrative, teachers, workers, integral mothers and processors mothers, have been immunized against covid-19 in 10 municipalities of the state of Aragua. This according to the information offered by Leonardo Alvarado, the sole authority on educational matters in the entity.

The official stressed that they are making efforts to vaccinate all workers in the education sector in the 18 municipalities that make up the geography of Aragua state.

They will gradually incorporate those who work in private education centers at the levels of initial, primary, general and technical education, for which they held a meeting with representatives of the National Association of Private Educational Institutions (Andiep).

“We aspire to resume vaccinations with the new Minister. As long as they are arriving, we will continue to respond to education workers, ”Alvarado commented, referring to the pause in the teachers' vaccination process following the death of Minister Aristóbulo Istúriz.

Likewise, Alvarado took the opportunity to refer to the impulse of the Fundación Niños Lectores, an initiative born in the state of Aragua to promote virtual reading among the smallest of the house, waiting for a future meeting, when the pandemic allows it. .



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