GNB seized 400 packs of cocaine in Táchira

A total of 400 packs of cocaine were seized in Táchira by officials of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) who attend the La Tendida Citizen Service Point, Samuel Darío Maldonado municipality (Táchira), said military sources. 

The drug was transported in an Encava truck normally used to transport dairy products, white NPR, plates A02AH4A from the town of Coloncito (Táchira) and which was heading to Valencia (Caracas).  

When checking the vehicle, the military detected a double bottom where the 400 panelas were hidden, which yielded a total weight of 456 kilos with 140 grams. The two occupants of the truck-digger were arrested; They are: Luis Carlos Cardona Ramírez and Wilmer Edilio Sánchez Ramírez.  

The procedure is concatenated with the operation "Bolivarian Shield 2021" that is currently being carried out by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces. In this sense, the GNB agents began a series of raids in the region to find other people linked to the seized drug shipment. 



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