The Management and Integral Defense Bodies are sworn in in Táchira

It is a civil component that integrates the FANB and the Popular power

Táchira state protector Freddy Alirio Bernal Rosales stated that the ODDI is an instrument created by the revolution that allows and guarantees the civic-military union in the state.

The ODDI is the civilian component that integrates the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and the Popular Power as one, ready and willing to defend the homeland, independence and sovereignty of Venezuela, Bernal said.

Bernal highlighted that the ODDI structure in the entity was organized as follows: Presidency: Freddy Bernal, Vice President GD Ángel Moronta, Secretary Dr. Zoraida Parra, First member Diomar Rueda, Second member Jonathan García and as Third member Alexander Suárez.

Regarding the committees, it was structured as follows: Political: Jiuvant Huérfano, Economico Luis Mora, Social Charly Rojas, Internal Order William Rivera, International Relations Rafael Belisario, Communication Yepfri Arguello, Risk Management Silfredo Zambrano and Popular Power Olga Díaz.

The spokesperson informed that in each municipality of the state of Táchira the vice presidency will be in charge of a Military Command Authority.

More than 400 members will be activated throughout the entity, "but it is good to notify everyone that it is not just a matter of swearing in and installing, it is that each municipality must form subcommittees so that ODDI actions can be evaluated from there," he said. Bernal.

"The Mayor's Offices will practically be a situational room for control and monitoring of all public policies, so in this way the Mayor or Mayor will be able to respond in real time to the people about any vicissitude that arises and immediately report to the state ODDI", explained.

The activity was carried out at the headquarters of the UPT Agroindustrial in San Cristóbal and was attended by all the forces of the state of Táchira.



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