Sworn commission to commemorate the Battle of El Rodeo

Photo: Courtesy of the Mayor's Office of Zamora

The Governor of Miranda state, Héctor Rodríguez, swore in the Expanded Municipal Commission for the Commemoration of the Battle of El Rodeo, registered in Guatire in 1821, and the State Commission for the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo of this entity. The activity was carried out in a videoconference, as a biosecurity measure against covid-19, said the mayor of the Zamora municipality, Hugo Martínez.  

Martínez said that the municipal instance is made up of a multidisciplinary team that will recall the crucial events of 1821 - with the Carabobo Campaign - and will also pay tribute to the hardened people who faced the Spanish empire and achieved the Independence of Venezuela at key moments such as the Battle of El Rodeo, which occurred on May 12, 200 years ago.

Martínez heads the committee that is made up of Miguel Alciro Berroterán, from the Andrés Eloy Blanco Artistic Education Center (CEA) and the Miranda Cultural Heritage and Diversity Network; José Manuel Milano, Tere Tere Foundation; Guatire's chronicler Luis Martus, member of the Municipal Academy of History and the Bolivarian Society of Zamora; Ivonne Rengifo, president of the Municipal Council of this town; Deyvis Velazco González, commander of the Bolivarian National Guard; Lieutenant Colonel Gilberto García Marcano, Commander of the Comprehensive Defense Area (ADI) 434 Zamora; Jorge Antonio Gómez from the Villa del Cine Foundation and Ronald Figueroa from the National Experimental University of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Unefa) Guatire Headquarters.

Franklin Naveda, from the Eje Plaza - Zamora Educational Management Unit; Néstor Aquiles Blanco, from the Pedro Muñoz Municipal Institute of Culture; the coordinators of Education and Youth of the Mayor's Office, Victoria González and Génesis Rodríguez, respectively; Santos Zambrano, spokesman for the Batalla de El Rodeo Socialist Commune, as well as representatives from the Juramento del Monte Sacro commune and the Sucre, Ribas and Negro Primero missions.

The mayor said that through different activities they will praise the historical feats where the patriot army led by Simón Bolívar achieved the victory of Carabobo.

He explained that the flame of the Bicentennial Torch will leave Carabobo to travel throughout the country and will reach the Zamoran communes where they will plant tree species of all kinds to start a Bicentennial Forest, as well as promote the creation of a Tricolor Flag Forest where each family he will show off his ingenuity for his version of the national tricolor. All these activities will be promoted by social networks due to the pandemic.

The Battle of El Rodeo was a distractionist strategy devised by the Liberator to divide the royalist troops that would fight in Carabobo and was carried out by General José Francisco Bermúdez, according to El Portal de Carabobo, the work of José Manuel Milano, a member of the commission.  

At the state level, Franklin Castillo, appointed secretary of this instance; Aurora Morales and Saúl Yánez, deputies of the regional Legislative Council; Liliana González, Elio Serrano and Rodolfo Sanz, deputies of the National Assembly; the coordinating secretary for the Right to the City, Francisco Garcés; the mayor of the municipality Simón Bolívar (San Francisco de Yare) and head of Culture of the Psuv, Salvador Medina; the secretary of the Social Missions System, Zulibeth Briceño and the mayor of Sucre (Petare) José Vicente Rangel.



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