Gilberto Pinto: I will be the guardian of the future and prosperity of Sucre

The regional director of the CNE, Manuel González, congratulated the new authorities

The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Sucre state, proclaimed Gilberto Pinto as governor of the entity, during a solemn act this Wednesday, November 24.

Pinto thanked God and all the people of Sucre state for giving confidence in his political project. «All my loyalty to the children of the Great Marshal of Ayacucho. Count on my commitment and work to turn the entity into a productive, prosperous, efficient and well-being pole that everyone deserves ”.

«Today a new path of democracy opens. Our people have heeded the call for innovation made by President Nicolás Maduro. I am committed to being the protector and guardian of the present and future of our entity ", concluded the admiral.

From the headquarters of the CNE, the regional director, Manuel González, congratulated the new authorities who will take the reins of the entire state.

González stressed that the machinery used during the electoral process had no failures of any kind at the time of transmission. He also gave merit to all the political organizations that dressed the land registry in color.



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